Finance Awards 2021

6 | Finance Awards 2021 Nov21342 Commercial Finance Broker of the Year - Northern England As a link between businesses and commercial lenders, finance brokers need to have charisma, character, and – most importantly – a deeply rooted knowledge of the industry. Acting as an intermediary between investors and an exchange, Montane Finance has been providing its clients with everything they need to make the right investments via its extensive research, investment plans, and powerful market intelligence. Here we talk to David Booth, Commercial Director. about this prestigious firm so that we can find out more as it wins this UK Finance award 2021. A commercial finance broker is an expert individual who specialises in helping small business owners and investors to connect with their finances correctly. By being well- versed in commercial finance this individual is able to provide the best advice, plans, and loans for the client. Montane Finance serves its clients in the hospitality and care sectors “who approach through existing relationships as well as referrals from trusted advisors. These range from accountants to solicitors and selling agents as well as existing customers,” David tells us. It ensures that only the finest and “most appropriate finance solutions are identified with the keenest terms obtained,” he adds. At Montane there is a very focused and driven attitude that runs throughout the entire team. Leaving no stone unturned, each member of the team adds something of value to every interaction – thus benefitting the client in every way possible. As an independent boutique advisory business, Montane “seeks to partner with acquisitive, ambitious, and committed healthcare and hotel operators,” David shares. Striving to keep forming long-term relationships with clients the team at Montane promises to share its wisdom for a more sustainable future. Focusing on the long-game this firm offers the chance to experience steady and reliable advice for as long as is needed. The team at Montane “are empowered to take ownership of a connection from the very start. They can call upon any of our industry experts either agency or banking at any time. We encourage joint appointments to promote understanding and education within our teams to ensure the provision of best advice to clients,” Scott explains. It is this kind of team effort that is much appreciated by businesses everywhere. There is always someone to help and many individual avenues to choose from to achieve the best results imaginable. Montane’s core values are all centred around commitment, partnership, independence, and sector knowledge. All of its values go hand in hand and create the perfect working atmosphere for the firm so that its clients may get the best out of what it does. By being heavily committed to the client and their needs, Montane has achieved a national coverage that is propelling it forward in the industry. Gaining traction and building a name for itself, Montane perpetually adapts itself to trends and industry challenges. It is committed to going with the flow of time as things inevitably shift from one decade to another. David adds, “It ensures that from the point of introduction to the successful completion of the transaction, Montane Finance will be with clients all the way”. It is with its dedicated nature that it follows through on every promise made, and with its timely manner that it completes tasks to the best of its ability right on target. With its extensive and rich sector knowledge Montane’s opulent experience shines for each one of its clients. “The Directors pride themselves on their deep and broad knowledge and understanding of the Hospitality and Care sectors. Montane Finance will be able add commercial value to businesses throughout the funding process,” says David. With over 50 years of experience in chosen sectors, and over 35 in the banking environment, Montane gives its clients all the tools they need to advance their business strategies and, ultimately, make better business moves. This year has seen a huge list of closures Striving to keep forming long-term relationships with clients the team at Montane promises to share its wisdom for a more sustainable future.