Finance Awards 2021

Finance Awards 2021 | 7 Commercial Finance Broker of the Year - Northern England across the hotel and care industries due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As the industries have seen many staff members come and go, with increased staffing needs and costs, this firm has a specialist market approach that helps it to provide clients with bespoke funding solutions that will inevitably improve their situations. “Funding markets have been stagnant for the past two years with traditional lenders concentrating on consolidating existing relationships,” says David. This tells us that there is opportunity for “a number of competitor banks to enter the market” in order to offer their innovative stance for business empowerment. With the future looking strong for Montane, David enthuses, “We pride ourselves on the independent whole-of-market advice our customers receive. We provide a bespoke service for each connection with no two solutions the same. We work with the customer from the initial approach and beyond the final drawdown. This ensures that funding takes place as smoothly as possible and that Montane are not just a transaction led business. We continue to work with our customers to ensure their financial relationships continue on a strong footing.” Not only is Montane welcoming the return of more normal times, but it is also welcoming every new client with open arms. It aims to build relationships that will enable clients to come back time and time again, as they will know that they can truly trust Montane Finance. Contact: David Booth Company: Montane Finance Web Address: