Finance Awards 2021

8 | Finance Awards 2021 creating palatable excitement among its clients, placing them in a position of strength to yield a consistent and desirable return on investment for the long term. Glenn states, “At Oakmount, we introduce outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium quality and value to our customers.” Company Name: Oakmount and Partners ltd Contact Name: Glenn King Web address: Contact email: Recognised as the Best Fixed-Income and Investment Specialists of 2021, Oakmount and Partners uphold individuality and self-reliance, which has given the company excellent acknowledgement within the industry. Founded over a decade ago, Oakmounts intellectual strength and perseverance is appreciated and respected by its clients, Established in 2009, Oakmount and Partners Ltd is a multi- award-winning investment consultancy giving clients access to internationally diversified investment opportunities. These prospects are explicitly designed to reduce volatility, improve returns, preserve capital, use diversification to increase performance and generate regular income and capital growth. Managing Director Glenn King explains, “Oakmount and Partners are renowned for its investment acumen, financial insight and unrivalled customer service. So, as an award- winning business, we believe it’s imperative to take control of your financial affairs early on, which can lead to much more financial freedom long term for you and your family.” Because Oakmount is able to introduce such a broad range of investment projects, its clients typically include high-net-worth professional investors, along with corporate platforms, entrepreneurs and intermediaries. Due to their quality range of clients, it is industry apparent that Oakmounts is heavily respected and globally recognised for its efforts within its field of expertise, trusted amongst some of the top companies in the market. Oakmount is internationally connected, aiming to build solid, lasting relationships with clients, priding itself on its long-term sustainability and comprehensive service level. Thus, the company can add tangible value to any investment portfolio with attractive annual yields and significant capital growth potential. Oakmount’s team of professionals engage with investment opportunities in some of the biggest and most popular asset classes daily, Incoming Success. Best Fixed-Income & Investment Specialists 2021 including asset allocation and management of commodities, clean energy, green mining, land acquisition and development, tech and IPOs. Moreover, the company can provide clients with up-to-date knowledge of the everchanging market landscape and offer strategic investment plans that are customised to the needs of the individual and based on risk profile and return targets. In doing so, this helps clients bridge the gap between where they are currently financially and where they’d like to be over the medium to long term. For the better part of a decade, Oakmount has been fortunate to build upon relationships with its clients that have yielded exceptional results, further underpinning the strength of the partnerships with all it serves. In addition, the company manages its business in several areas with a key and essential contribution to sustainable and environmentally friendly investment opportunities. Thus, giving eligible investors access to premium investment opportunities that aid with investment management and put together investment strategies using its advanced analytics software, unmatched expertise and global contacts For Oakmount, the critical factor in its continued growth and success is its commitment to placing the client at the heart of everything it does. Therefore, the company uses an initial in-depth client profiling tool and continuous reviews to ensure that client services and products are directly aligned and attuned to their objectives and requirements. However, with investment opportunities leading out to 2025 and beyond, the company is Nov21511