Finance Awards 2021

9 | Finance Awards 2021 Recoup Capital Ltd is a tax consultancy firm based in Manchester, aiming to bridge the gap between the business community and tax relief opportunities. It is important to the firm that the business community and business owners alike are educated on such reliefs and guided through the processes required to bring the additional funds into the business, whether this be used to fuel growth or to encourage innovation. Recoup Capital’s educational and seamless approach has seen it work with and represent some of the UK’s most reputable firms. With such a small number of UK companies taking advantage of certain tax relief schemes on offer, the dedication of the firm’s time and resources to help bring the opportunity to light has been a welcome sight to the business community. Serving the whole of the UK business community, SMEs and larger entities, Recoup Capital’s approach to reaching them varies; it utilises its marketing team, along with advertising through well-established news outlets, however the majority of its business is generated through word of mouth. Recoup Capital’s difference has been established through its seamless two-stage process, which on average would take 1.5 hours of senior management time. Its average benefit back to the client currently stands 143% higher than the national average benefit back to the client. The firm’s top priority is that the client be fully protected throughout the process. To evidence this, a claim would not be submitted if not through a chartered tax accountant, specialising in the services Recoup Capital offers. As a matter of fact, the chartered accountants it works with have completed over 4,000 submissions and to date maintain their 100% success rate on all submissions. At the bank bone of Recoup Capital are its staff, with the majority coming from the business community themselves and having many years’ experience dealing with high net worth clients through companies of their own. This has enabled a vast network of well-respected individuals to be created. The process used to recruit the team is nothing out of the ordinary; it’s the training provided once they become part of the team that helps to set Recoup Capital apart from the rest. With an internal culture of proactivity and not Best R&D Tax Consultancy 2021 reactivity, the team at Recoup Capital is able to deliver the message to the right sectors that it has quickly become a powerhouse within the industry. Company managing partner, Anthony Doran said, “In order to succeed, it is important to innovate. A new approach can be the difference.” Fortunately, it was a company not affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, like many UK firms. Anthony saw the bright side of the situation, saying, “It was a time to reflect and readjust our approach. With face-to-face meeting being avoided, it allowed us to incorporate tech to accommodate more clients. In many cases, becoming a lifeline for temporarily struggling firms.” Recoup Capital concluded 2021 by delivering £5 million back in benefits to UK firms. And the firm not only specialises in research and development tax relief, but its most recently added products include land remediation relief, stamp duty relief, capital allowances, patent box relief, commercial sales, and development finance. Company: Recoup Capital Ltd Contact: Anthony Doran Email: Website: Nov21442