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2 | Finance Awards 2022 Welcome to the Finance Awards 2022 SME News is thrilled to announce that the UK Finance Awards are returning for the fourth consecutive year. We endeavour to recognise those who have excelled in the past year. Likewise, we aim to publicise the firms that have contributed to the financial sector. The UK Finance Awards highlight the companies who shine in their industries. We examine the financial sector as a whole and want to feature those who are deserving of recognition for their hard work. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your company! In a world post-Brexit and post-Covid, the financial sector is emerging and heralding a new era. The future is looking bright! Sofi Bajor | Senior Editor

Finance Awards 2022 | 3 Contents 4. Mint FS: Best Independent Mortgage Brokers - Wiltshire 6. Jet Vehicle Finance Ltd: Best Private Vehicle Leasing Firm – UK & SME Customer Service Excellence Award - UK 7. The Mortgage Way: Best Mortgage & Protection Advisory Firm - Yorkshire 8. Almond Financial: Financial Advice Firm of the Year - UK 9. Tavistock Private Client: Best Financial Planning & Tax- Led Investing Firm - England 10. BW Business Accountants & Advisers: Most Trusted Accounting & Business Advisory Firm - South West 11. Singletrack: Most Innovative Capital Market Client Engagement & Analytics Platform – UK & UK SME News Award for Excellence in Capital Markets 12. N-Accounting: Business Growth Practice of the Year - East Midlands 13. 1 For All Accounting Angels Ltd: Best Bookkeeping & Cloud Accounting Firm - Nottinghamshire 14. Dext: Best Integrated Accounting Software Platform - UK 15. Fundsure: Best Finance Sector COO Solutions Provider - London 16. 360Globalnet: Digital Claims Platform of the Year - UK 17. Alpha Beta Partners Ltd: Best Risk-First Investment Advisors – UK 18. RS Data Tech Ltd: Best UK Credit Agency 2022 19. Touchstone Corporate Ltd: Financial Broker of the Year – UK 20. Williams Lester Accounting Group Ltd: Best Accountancy & Tax Specialists – Wales 21. Robin Hood Mortgages: Flexible Mortgage Brokerage of the Year – East Midlands 22. SJ Accounting: Best Emerging Tax & Accounting Practice – South West 23. Thistle Initiatives: Most Innovative Fintech Compliance Consultancy – UK 24. Oakmount & Partners Ltd: Fixed-Income & Investment Specialists of the Year – UK 25. Pareto Financial Planning: Best Nationwide Independent Financial Advisory Firm – UK

4 | Finance Awards 2022 Oct22581 Best Independent Mortgage Brokers - Wiltshire The financial landscape is an ever-shifting goliath, and a dangerous place to navigate for those looking to get the best advice for their individual needs. Established in 2019, Mint FS has sought to redefine what it means to operate in the finance space. Following its well-deserved success in the programme, we spoke with Co-Founding Director Matthew Jackson to find out more, from its operations and achievements to ethos and history. There’s been a boom in recent years of new companies looking to establish themselves in industries that have long been defined by brickand-mortar giants. Many, like Mint FS, have pounced on an opportunity to re-define what it means to operate in such markets, all while putting forward a more client-focused image that looks to shift the balance away from the traditional, and into the modern world. These smaller, more agile firms are, after all, better equipped to deal with the changing face of business. Capitalising on the benefits of digitisation, these new businesses can reach clients on a national scale in ways that were often reserved for companies with a plethora of resources to spare. These new businesses are defined by a drive to deliver client-centric solutions that are often out of the grasp of larger companies. It is in this space that Mint FS was formed in 2019, with a goal to reinvent the financial industry to better serve its clients. Founding Directors Matthew and Rebecca Jackson have over 40 years of combined experience, utilising their wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver best in class mortgage, protection and specialist lending services. Here, Matthew takes a moment to explain Mint FS’s operations in more detail. “Having worked for some of the largest names in both the broker world & corporate mortgage advice Mint FS was born out of a need to “find a better way” for our clients – we utilise the latest technology to provide a streamlined process focusing on saving our clients time, money and a lot of hassle. “Mint FS is a mortgage broker that combines the latest technology and decades of experience to deliver a new kind of service. With an easy-touse online portal, customers can access expert advice and simplify the complex mortgage process. We believe that there is a better way – A Fresh Approach to Finance.” By all regards, this approach has proven to be the key to enduring success for Mint FS, with yearon-year growth during a time of unprecedented upheaval and uncertainty. Indeed, achieving any sort of growth during the last couple of years really speaks as testament to the strength of the services Mint FS provides every day. “In a little over three years, we have received over 150 5-star reviews from our clients, which we proudly display on our website. Given the complexity of the mortgage applications we deal with this is testament to the advisor who work for us and the service we provide,” Matthew adds. Mint FS’s clients are often individuals who have been let down by other brokers, or otherwise have niche enquiries that require a bespoke touch that is often just not possible at larger, more traditional companies. “If an enquiry is outside the mainstream – that’s where we excel.” It perhaps goes without saying, but the service that Mint FS offers to its clients originates from the internal culture it nurtures among the team. “We look for advisers who fit our culture and ethos and can integrate into the team and adapt to the way we work. Financial services is a people business and foremost you have to be able to communicate effectively with everyone you deal with. While we love technology, we are no FinTech firm. Our people are our biggest asset, their knowledge, skills, and experience mixed with the best technology the mortgage industry has to offer produces a slick process which stands above other firms in our sector.” “As directors, me and Rebecca ensure we are always available to help the advisors with any questions or queries, and our whole team help each other via our WhatsApp group and monthly Zoom meetings.” Ultimately, the future of Mint FS is one of further growth, capitalising on the team’s burgeoning numbers and reputation for excellence in a sector that can so often be seen as not serving the best interests of the client. That’s where Mint FS has firmly distinguished itself and will continue to set the pace for client-centric financial services. Company: Mint FS Name: Matthew Jackson Email: / Web Address: Address: Unit 6 The Centurion Centre, Castlegate Business Park, Salisbury, SP4 6QX Telephone: 01722 445600 “A Fresh Approach to Finance”

Finance Awards 2022 | 5 Best Independent Mortgage Brokers - Wiltshire

6 | Finance Awards 2022 Jet Vehicle Finance’s goal is to provide a tailored service to ensure the customer’s journey is the best it can be, through competitive pricing and personal service. While the company has evolved since it started nearly 20 years ago, this has always been at its core. Its individual customers come from most walks of life, and they often first make contact on advertising comparison sites due to its competitive pricing. The company then aims to not only ‘win’ the customer first time around, but by offering a complementary in-life service they very often retain the customers for their next vehicle on lease. With regard to corporate customers, these are looked after by a dedicated team who have many years of experience between them in looking after fleets of all services. The team are happy to visit customers to listen to their requirements and find out how they can add value to company fleets. Jet Vehicle Finance believes that this level of service is what sets it apart from competitors. Indeed, its staff play a vital role in its success. When looking for new sales staff, for instance, Jet Vehicle Finance looks for people who will offer a consultancy approach to ensure customers’ needs are met rather than looking at closing the deal as quickly as possible. It has an extensive training programme, too, which ensures all staff are trained not only in the latest regulations of the industry, but they also receive manufacturer and finance provider training. However, the company’s success isn’t to say it doesn’t face its challenges. The motor industry is facing challenges in terms of both supply Nov22061 Best Private Vehicle Leasing Firm – UK & SME Customer Service Excellence Award - UK and the cost of living. In order to have vehicles both in stock and pipeline delivery, it is sure to order vehicles so supply meets customers’ needs. Through Jet Vehicle Finance’s aftersales service, many of its customers are choosing to extend their vehicles where possible, which is a cost-effective solution to keeping existing customers on the road. Now, the focus is on 2023 where the company’s plans are to develop its IT, including ‘off the shelf’ products and in-house development, in order to enhance not only business growth but also the service it offers to customers. Company: Jet Vehicle Finance Ltd Contact: Wendy Johnson Email: Website: Jet Vehicle Finance Ltd strives to offer the very best in customer service to all its clients. Providing vehicle leasing to private individuals as well as corporate clients, the team takes pleasure in delivering a car and service to match their unique requirements. Jet Vehicle Finance Ltd

7 | Finance Awards 2022 working flexible hours, and “absolutely zero fees”, the firm goes beyond all expectations to ensure that its clients are accommodated and cared for. “Life is expensive enough as it is at the moment, so we want to try to help clients save money from the start. This doesn’t make our advice or service any less - quite the opposite. We work hard to make sure every client’s mortgage goes through quickly and smoothly for our clients and then we get paid from the lender – it’s a win-win.” By all regards, it is also refreshing that Nichola and The Mortgage Way have such a grounded outlook to the economy and the changes we are seeing across almost all markets as a result. “Sometimes things are out of our control. Lender’s policy, interest rates, house prices for example but we have been through the good and the bad times over the years and have always dealt with industry changes in a positive way - after all we can’t change them. “We are a well-established company we’ve been giving mortgage advise for over 25 years and whilst we don’t have a crystal ball for what the future holds, we will always act with honesty and integrity to ensure our clients get the best outcome for them.” So, what is next? While many establishments and firms are looking towards protecting themselves for whatever is to come, The Mortgage Way is keeping at least one eye on making sure its clients come first as Nichola concludes. “By all appearances, it seem remortgages will be a big focus next year with clients looking at ways to save money on their mortgages. It is more important now than ever before that client’s protection is in place, ensuring that families are protected, and their income is secure is so important. We can’t pay our mortgages if we have no income so this The mortgage industry is notoriously complex for the lay individual, filled with potential pitfalls that need an expert hand to navigate. The Mortgage Way has cultivated an impressive reputation for ethical, expert advisory services, regardless of where its clients are in the UK. We spoke with Mortgage Consultant Nichola Graham to find out more about the company’s mission, ethos and achievements. It’s no secret that it’s a challenging time for all businesses that operate directly or tangentially to the financial sphere – especially those tied to real estate and lending. The uncertainty of the last few years has only compounded, with firms having to showcase an incredible degree of endurance and adaptability to succeed and thrive. While The Mortgage Way has utilised those qualities, it has also harnessed an ethos towards client centricity, ensuring that its clients are “at the heart of everything” it does. Here, Nichola takes a moment to detail how a focus on client service has shaped The Mortgage Way into the firm it is today. “We love helping our clients buy their first home, their forever home or build up a portfolio of properties to rent out. It’s not all about buying houses though - we have a client for life philosophy and take pride in the fact that clients trust us and stay with us over the years. When its re-mortgage time we do our best to save client’s money in the long and short term.” It’s easy to see how this mindset has informed all aspects of The Mortgage Way’s operations. From undertaking clients all over the country, Nov22046 is going to be really focused on in 2023 - we don’t want any of our clients’ homes being at risk should the worst happen.” This ethics-first approach has firmly secured The Mortgage Way as one of the leading advisory firms in the industry, making it an obvious choice for recognition in this programme. “The Mortgage Way are thankful to all our family, friends and clients who have recommended us over the years and who continue to do so. We are proud that the majority of our business comes from recommendations which is the biggest compliment we could ever be given. Don’t just take our word for it look at all our reviews on Facebook.” -Nichola Graham, The Mortgage Way Company: The Mortgage Way Contact: Nichola Graham Address: 23 Highcliffe Court, Shelf, Halifax, HX3 7JX Website: Email: Telephone Number: 07968842879 Best Mortgage & Protection Advisory Firm - Yorkshire “We work hard to make sure every client’s mortgage goes through quickly and smoothly for our clients and then we get paid from the lender – it’s a win-win”

Oct22642 The team at Almond Financial are committed to offering something different. Theirs is a way of financial planning which is smarter and more ethical when it comes to delivering quality financial planning. In the UK Finance Awards 2022 from SME News, the team were recognised for their innovative attitude. We dig a little deeper to find out more. Confusion is rife within the financial sector, but the team at Almond Financial are determined to fix that. Their passion has seen them become leaders in a new way of offering ethical, personal and effective financial planning and advice, one which embraces the tools and techniques of the digital age to help you to see your money as clearly as possible. The team put power into your hands, and let you chose a way forward that works with you. For those who turn to Almond Financial, a fresh approach means that investments flourish. With a personal advisor always on hand to help with any advice you might need regarding pensions, investments and mortgages, you can watch your money grow. The way in which financial services are often delivered is usually opaque and difficult to understand. Almond Financial has committed to looking for fresh ways to break new ground. They are defiantly different, thinking big and working as smart as possible. For them, clients come first every time. When we asked the team what drives them forward, the answer from Samuel Robinson was clear and pragmatic. “We’re here to help our clients see their money grow,” he tells us. “It really is as simple as that. As experts in personal advice on pensions, investments and mortgages, we promise you an ethical, high-quality service. We use the very latest tools and techniques – all delivered by an exceptional team who really care about your investments. We’ll treat your money as if it’s our own and make sure you understand your options, so you can make quality decisions about your investments and your future.” Having a team so passionate about your finances on your side is incredibly comforting and sets the team apart from the crowd. Their focus on finding unique solutions means that they are able to treat their clients as though their investments are their own. No two people have the same priorities in life, and Almond Financial is built about ensuring that every individual client can have their needs met easily and straightforwardly. Looking ahead, the team are planning to continue their incredible journey of growth. The team still has room within which it can grow in order to offer an even better service to clients. Part of this will see new talent entering into the industry. While the team have the potential to reach out across the country, much of what the Almond Financial team doo is focused on their home city of Lincoln. For the team, it’s key that local businesses should do what they can to support one another, especially in such trying times. What does it mean to be a business focused on financial advice? It’s clear that the Almond Financial team see it as a way of reaching out to individuals and supporting them to achieve their dreams. While it sounds obvious, such a bold statement of intent is often ignored by many in the industry. We celebrate the team’s tenacity in bringing this vision of the financial sector to life, and cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: Almond Financial Name: Samuel Robinson Email: Web Address: Financial Advice Firm of the Year - UK

9 | Finance Awards 2022 Financial plans should work for a lifetime, and that level of care and attention is precisely what the team at Tavistock are committed to delivering. Having managed the personal wealth of thousands of people, with bespoke designed financial planning and advice services to help create, grow, and protect clients’ wealth, it’s little wonder that the team have been able to earn such an impressive reputation within the industry. The range of services offered by the Tavistock team is extensive, including an advisory network, insurance investigations, DIY investing options, and much more. The team has risen through the ranks as a trading and investment solution able to provide an impressive selection of broad and bespoke options. The world of investments can be overwhelming, and the team at Tavistock have a great deal of trust placed within their hands. They regularly provide informed advice on how best to manage investments, reviewing the current state of a client’s finances before assessing the various risks involved. Regular strategy reviews are implemented to ensure that a plan stays on track. When it’s your money on the line, you want to know that it’s in safe hands. Taking such a granular approach to financial planning is no easy task, but it is core to how Tavistock operates. From the planning and research process, the teamwork through numerous scenarios to ensure the clearest way forward with every plan. One aspect that sets Tavistock apart is their commitment to making their clients’ affairs as tax efficient as possible. With a skilled team of pension planning specialists, Tavistock identifies objectives, reviews existing arrangements, and helps its clients to obtain the best solution for their circumstances. This detailed knowledge means that the team are the ideal partner when it comes to navigating the complex pension landscape as well as estate management. With such boldness in vision at their fingertips, Tavistock has been able to thrive in the market. 2023 will see the team introduce new initiatives, such as free educational content for all affinity partners, focused advice for women and building an academy to ensure progression for existing members of staff as well as new joiners to the industry. It’s this forward-thinking attitude, one built on a mindset of making people as knowledgeable as possible about this sector, which has always set the team apart. This range of services, the depth of support and the continued expansion of both are why the team has been named Best Pension & Lifetime Finance Planning Firm – England. We can’t wait to see what they do next! Company: Tavistock Private Client Name: Mark Evans Web Address: When we look at Tavistock Private Client, we look at a firm which has specialised in offering financial support to clients over decades. Now, with fresh success in the UK Finance Awards 2022 from SME News, we cannot wait to see what the team are looking to bring to a new audience of customers. Best Financial Planning & TaxLed Investing Firm - England

10 | Finance Awards 2022 Based in Bristol, the team at BW Business Accountants & Advisers have been proud to build a reputation that is truly second to none when it comes to making sure that their clients have the right information to make the best decisions possible. Working closely alongside them, the team know what makes a business special and what needs to happen to achieve their goals. This carefully calculated way of working means that people and the planet are always put ahead of profit. “We are dedicated to providing a high quality and professional service to our clients, at a reasonable cost,” Natalie tells us, “and we encourage all our team to live and breathe our core values of community, sustainability and diversity. As part of these core values, this year for every set of accounts or tax returns we file, we are donating 1 day of access to clean water and sanitation training to schools in Kenya and Tanzania.” The team work closely with small owner managed businesses, start-ups and sole traders and specialise in those businesses operating in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors and sustainable or purpose led businesses. “We promise never to speak to our clients using boring technical jargon,” Natalie explains, “and we will always tailor our support to meet their business goals. We offer fixed price packages that are payable monthly – because that’s the best way to help our clients keep control of their costs. Our packages are fully customisable, so that they meet the individual business’ needs, and can flex as their business grows.” Such care and attention to detail is why people turn to this team, and why they continue to work closely with them. While a small team, everyone plays a vital role in securing continued success. The BW Business Accountants & Advisers approach means that the reach of the firm is impressive, with cloud-based systems allowing them to support customers the length and breadth of the UK. Natalie tells us, “We pride ourselves on offering a tailored, quality service to our clients and this is a key part of our team’s role.” Looking ahead, BW Business Accountants & Advisers faces the impending recession and the implementation of Making Tax Digital (MTD) for Income Tax in April 2026. This shift will mean that all sole traders and landlords with annual income of more than £50,000, will be required to keep digital accounting records and make quarterly submissions to HMRC. Systems such as Xero and Coconut are not new to the team, and have formed a vital part of how they operate. “We will Oct22579 Most Trusted Accounting & Business Advisory Firm - South West be supporting our sole trader and landlord clients with the transition,” Natalie explains, “and our aim is to have everyone up and running on Xero or Coconut well in advance of the MTD deadline”. With a firm that only launched in April 2021, to achieve such success so quickly is no easy feat. An impressive marketing and social media strategy over the last 12-18 months has seen the client base double in short order. Such success is surely only the beginning for these accountancy pioneers. We can’t wait to see what they do in the future! Company: BW Business Accountants & Advisers Name: Natalie Binstead-Wey Email: Web Address: The traditional accountancy offering is very limited in many ways, and businesses in this sector have thrived when they have found ways to reach beyond it. Few understand this better than the team behind BW Business Accountants & Advisers. We caught up with Natalie Binstead-Wey in the light of the team’s success in the UK Finance Awards to find out more.

11 | Finance Awards 2022 of sell side organisation and covers client relations and interactions for all the functions of an investment bank or IRP,” Stuart explains. “This ‘One Bank” strategic approach includes Sales, Trading, Research, Investment Banking, Corporate Access, Operations and Compliance, so our clients can achieve a comprehensive understanding of their client activity, coupled with powerful analytics powered by AI which give insights and guided next actions.” Singletrack aims to partner client firms closely from the start: “We manage all our own implementations,” Stuart explains. “Our team of dedicated experts understands capital markets workflows and can achieve complex go-lives in tight timescales with minimal disruption.” And it doesn’t stop there - regular updates have secured Singletrack a position at the forefront of the industry, with three software updates a year that are driven by client requests, regulatory requirements, and market developments. Looking ahead, Stuart and his team have big ambitions for the company. “We aim to continue our expansion globally in 2023, especially in North America, and we’ll be adding new product and sector capabilities to Singletrack’s capital markets platform,” he tells us. “Geopolitical and economic factors mean that the next year or so will be challenging for everyone. The importance of moving to data-driven decision-making such as Singletrack offers becomes even more compelling in such times – not only with regards to managing overheads and ensuring best use of resources, but also to place companies in the strongest possible position for when the next upturn comes.” The role of technology cannot be underestimated by any business, but Singletrack has found its place in the world thanks to an attitude that prioritises the needs of companies Capital markets is a specialist sector, requiring a specialist approach to thrive. When it came to creating a client engagement and analytics solution for this sector, one which incorporates the specific workflows and requirements of sell side firms, the team at Singletrack used their expertise and industry experience to design an outstanding platform. In the Finance Awards from SME News, we thought it right to catch up with Stuart Berwick, CEO, to uncover how Singletrack has been able to thrive over the years. Capital markets bring together buyers and sellers of investments, facilitating liquidity and ensuring smooth and orderly transactions. One challenge in recent years has been to ensure that the sector takes full advantage of technological advances. Singletrack has acted as a technology pioneer in capital markets, providing a comprehensive platform that sell side clients have come to rely on in their dealings with asset managers and other buy side organisations. In explaining the secrets behind the success of Singletrack, there is no one better placed than co-founder and CEO Stuart Berwick. For him, it was the single-minded focus on an individual market that has set the business apart. “We operate exclusively in capital markets,” he tells us, “and have worked hard to establish Singletrack as an innovator and the go-to partner for firms looking to build more profitable client relationships.” Making bold decisions is no easy task, but for Stuart, decisions come from data first and foremost. “We enable our clients to use data in all aspects of their decision-making,” he explains, “from the simple, such as ‘best time to call’ (based on previous experiences) to the more complex, such as ‘which clients are at risk’ (looking at a number of factors across the firm which can signal potential client loss). These are just two examples of our approach, which we call data-driven advisory.” The team has grown to serve a host of capital markets firms, ranging from boutique Independent Research Providers (IRPs), through to full-service Investment Banks. This international clientele trust the Singletrack team to deliver services across their organisations. “We have a modular platform that fits all sizes Most Innovative Capital Market Client Engagement & Analytics Platform – UK & UK SME News Award for Excellence in Capital Markets Nov22321 in the capital markets sector. We celebrate the team’s success, and look forward to celebrating more of their achievements in the weeks and months to come. Company: Singletrack Name: Stuart Berwick Email: Web Address:

12 | Finance Awards 2022 Business Growth Practice of the Year - East Midlands When a business grows, it does so because it has built a strong customer base and because it has managed to overcome the various limitations of financial restriction. Doing this means not only understanding the legal requirements facing a business, but how a business fits into those requirements. The team at N-Accounting specialises in supporting businesses with ambitions to plan, grow and scale, finding solutions which integrate the various aspects of accountancy, tax planning and financial management. “Our mission is to supply the framework for high quality business systems and processes for our clients to implement for themselves,” Nishi explains, “and also provide them with a crystal-clear financial image of what success looks like and the gap they need to bridge.” By taking control of services such as annual accounts, cash flow forecasts, payroll and bookkeeping as well as training sessions and quarterly planning days, N-Accounting can allow clients to focus on what they love when running their business. Growth is not something every business owner wants, and the N-Accounting team are very careful with who they work with. “We work with ambitious business owners who want to build their businesses and their teams,” Nishi tells us. “To join our signature solution, Apex, they must be employers who are focussed on creating systems and have a goal to build a business that runs without themselves in it.” Apex lies at the heart of how N-Accounting works, and is completely unique in the industry. “It provides the support to achieve a six-figure profit and a million-pound valuation within two years,” Nishi explains. “It combines the best traditions of accounting, financial management and business advisory to provide a level of support to small businesses that no one else can replicate.” With such incredible power at their fingertips, it’s little wonder that the team claim that they can create a world where “every owner has access to the tools they need to scale their business, and the option to one day sell it and retire.” Over the next year, the N-Accounting team are looking to grow the Apex program so that the team is able to help even more people. “We want to help 30 business owners achieve their million-pound valuation,” says Nishi with a smile. “Beyond that, we will continue scaling and improving the program to add even more value.” This constant eye for expansion lies at the very core of what the team offer, and their passion for growth is why so many turn to them for support. “Running your own business can be one of the toughest things you’ll ever do, but it’s easier with the right accountants on board,” Nishi tells us. “I help business owners understand their finances, see the trends in their cashflow and stay on the right side of the tax man. I can also help them to plan and manage their growth. This is my niche. And I can use the benefit of my own experience as a business owner to help.” Over the years, Nishi and his team have carved a unique place in the market, one which has allowed small, growing businesses to flourish. Their success is a credit to his tireless efforts, and a sign of how much he still has to give! Company: N-Accounting Name: Nishi Patel Email: Web Address: All businesses want to grow, but few know how to do so in a controlled and sustainable way. N-Accounting has made its name in supporting businesses that have the ambition to expand, and are looking for solutions that consider every aspect of their enterprise. We caught up with Nishi Patel of N-Accounting to uncover more about how the team has achieved such sterling results.

Finance Awards 2022 | 13 Nov22051 Best Bookkeeping & Cloud Accounting Firm - Nottinghamshire For over 25 years, the team at 1 For All Accounting Angels Ltd have made their name in ensuring that their clients are well ahead of changes in the tax system. With a practice that has been transformed to a digital haven which embraces paperless systems, they have led the way when it comes to tax and filing legislation. In SME News’ UK Finance Awards 2022, the team were recognised for their efforts. We look more closely to find out more. Established in 1997 and incorporated in 2016, the team of accountants behind 1 For All Accounting Angels have built a reputation as people able to offer clients bright ideas and black and white answers. With a community-focused mindset that embraces change to the point of anticipation, the team have managed to provide a host of bespoke packages that mean the unique needs of their clients. The focus for the team has always been to keep ahead of the times, taking clients’ businesses into the future in a manner which is as tax-efficient as possible. Clients are consulted on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis to ensure that they are aware of changes to legislation and to build strong relationships which allow the team to make decisions that support them best. The proactive attitude of the team has allowed them to build up an impressive client base which is incredibly supportive of their efforts. They are, in many ways, the best and only advertisement for the team’s services. Those who turn to 1 For All Accounting Angels include individuals, sole traders, partnerships, CICs, CASCs and limited companies with turnovers as little as £5000 and as big as £4.5m. In this digital world, it’s much easier to onboard and engage clients which has allowed the team to maintain such an impressive range of opportunities. Key to the team’s success is the closeness of the professional relationships. The 1 For All Accounting Angels team know how their clients work, and help their clients by explaining to them how they work. As such, a level of trust can be built which is invaluable. New hires are recruited based on this ability to build relationships, with people who are ethical, compassionate, driven and care about people and the world around them at the core of the business. Looking ahead, it’s clear that the biggest challenge facing 1 For All Accounting Angels comes not from clients, but from HMRC. The team have seen a service which has become increasingly strained over the last few years, and have started to record calls and making complaints where necessary. Since beginning to do this, the team have seen marked improvement and advise fellow bookkeepers, accountants, tax advisors and members of the public to do the same. Looking ahead, the 1 For All Accounting Angels are keeping tight-lipped about future plans, but their ambition is certain to drive them to new and exciting places. Working in collaboration with sister company Valhalla Tax Consultancy, the team hope to help every accountancy and bookkeeping practice reach their full potential in a digital world. Given their track record of success in the UK Finance Awards, we cannot wait to see what this impressive team does next! Company: 1 For All Accounting Angels Ltd Name: Su Bramley Email: Web Address:

14 | Finance Awards 2022 For accountants, bookkeepers, and small business owners across the UK, APAC, US, Canada, and France, the development of Dext’s products has been invaluable. With a team committed to advancing and improving the accounting and bookkeeping process for all, they have created a host of products that make the process of managing and keeping track of your finances easier than ever. The team’s proud boast is that their smart, scalable day-to-day accounting solutions are combined with an exceptional user experience. Through three main products, including Dext Prepare for automated data extraction, Dext Precision for accountancy practice data quality and insights, and Dext Commerce to manage digital commerce sales data, the company has been able to lead the way when it comes to providing smart solutions for the industry. These products are specifically designed to deliver accurate bookkeeping work that’s in line with compliance requirements whilst saving you time and providing valuable insights. Instead of playing catchup on deadlines, you can focus on quality data that really makes a difference to your business. Key to this is the attitude of simplified sophistication, wherein complex accounting tasks are transformed into simple, manageable processes. Dext products have over 99% accuracy, so while you are putting in less time, the quality of your data is never compromised - in fact, it makes it safer than manual entry. You are always in control at every stage and have full visibility over your bookkeeping data. Thousands of accounting firms and businesses around the world are managing their financial data better with Dext, saving them millions of hours and giving them the peace of mind they need. One of the reasons why Dext gets it right is because their products are built by people who have done it all before. The Dext team has extensive experience in the accounting and bookkeeping industry, so they know and understand their clients’ needs - making it easier to develop features that are useful. Accountants and bookkeepers can rely on account managers to provide direct assistance at all times, and businesses benefit from expert Customer Service available 24 hours a day Monday-Friday for any technical support. Looking ahead, the team have recently unveiled a solution for accountants and bookkeepers to submit directly to HMRC on behalf of selfemployed and landlord clients under the upcoming Making Tax Digital for Income Tax SelfAssessment regime. Whilst the UK government has recently announced it will delay MTD ITSA until 2026, Dext is already ahead of the curve: Nov22232 Best Integrated Accounting Software Platform - UK their solution is an opportunity for businesses and practices to immediately start their digital transformation journey, reducing pressure and start taking advantage from the benefits technology offers. Dext’s efforts in developing excellent bookkeeping automation tools have earned them respect throughout the industry – whether you’re an accountant, bookkeeper, or business owner, if you want to work more effectively, the Dext team are able to help. With such high standards driving them forward, we cannot wait to see what this team does next. Company: Dext Name: Lauren Hancox Email: Web Address: Collecting and understanding financial data is no easy task, but it’s one which the team at Dext has made very straightforward. With cloud-based technology and powerful online tools, they are proving that accounting and bookkeeping need not be the major challenge it has been in the past. The innovation demonstrated by Dext has earned them success in the SME News’ UK Finance Awards 2022. We take a closer look to find out more.

15 | Finance Awards 2022 them from happy customers, and turn to the team especially. Other companies will offer some of the services that the Fundsure team can provide, but few can promise such a wealth of expertise. They cover everything including Compliance, HR, Legal, Operations, Project Management, Risk Management and so on. Jacks of all trades, the team have built up an impressive network of contacts so that no matter how tricky the subject or how challenging the situation, they can deliver. Demand has proven to be incredibly high for the team, and they are always being called upon to provide much needed support. The market for Outsourced COOs is growing, and has been since the pandemic. This unprecedented crisis opened the floodgates for businesses which had previously considered management a role which needed to take place in an office. Now, they know that the vast majority of tasks can be handled by remote teams. Fundsure is no exception and whilst there is an office in London, most work is done from home. Of course, while the team are in high demand, they do have to overcome the unique difficulties of dealing with busy people who often do not see the work done by Fundsure as the highest of priorities. Busy people are always a challenge, and so it’s vital that everyone involved remains calm and level-headed no matter what. The regulatory landscape is one which remains a challenge for clients, especially when working in a global environment. Laws and legislation are constantly changing. This is not something that scares the Fundsure team, however. Not only do they have a wealth of experience complying with the different regulations in many Some projects need an expert eye to ensure that things go to plan. The team at Fundsure are your perfect partners, offering an outsourced Chief Operating Officer to provide support on the implementation of particular strategies or advisory to help determine strategies for growth. With such success in the UK Finance Awards 2022, we thought it time to take a closer look at just how they did it. No matter how well-established you are within any industry, the implementation of new ideas and concepts can be challenging for a team that already has work to do. The team at Fundsure have made their name in offering precisely the right level of support to make sure that firms can see improvement in compliance and governance. Working primarily with established financial service firms, the team have managed to garner an international client base. They work with everyone from first-time fund managers going through authorisation through to global banks. Roughly 95% of the business is referral based, meaning that the team have had no need to market at all. People find out about Best Finance Sector COO Solutions Provider - London Nov22177 countries, they also know that these changes really mean more work for them. Looking ahead, 2023 will be a period of growth for the Fundsure team to match the remarkable demand for their services. The enquires for the team continue to grow, and finding ways of taking advantage of this trend is crucial. More and more businesses see the unique value of what the Fundsure team have to offer. It’s a flexibility and an awareness of what is needed at the highest level which knowledge of a specialist subject cannot provide alone. This is why the team will continue to thrive for many years to come, as demand continues to grow. Company: Fundsure Name: Steve Middleton Email: Web Address:

Finance Awards 2022 | 16 Nov22632 Digital Claims Platform of the Year - UK Insurance claims have long followed the same processes, but the team at 360Globalnet are looking to revolutionise the system. Their digital approach provides a frictionless experience, certain to be the envy of the industry. With success behind them in the UK Finance Awards 2022, we dig a little deeper to uncover more of the team’s astonishing achievements! With clients that include some of the world’s largest insurers, you can be certain that the team at 360Globalnet have created a product that stands apart from the competition. By digitising the entire claims lifecycle from FNOL to settlement, the team have ushered in a bold new era of insurance claims management. With every aspect of consumers’ lives designed to be as straightforward and simple as possible, why should insurance claims be any different? This bold vision goes right to the heart of how 360Globalnet operates, with a commitment to technology which is entirely no-code. It’s a philosophy that allows the entire claims journey to be built and configured at the desktop without coding knowledge – mitigating slow IT queues and excessive consultancy fees. Clients turning to 360Globalnet regain control of their claims operation whilst simultaneously slash costs and boost NPS scores. The flexibility of this approach means that connection between every part of the supply chain can be improved, with insurers not only engaging with customers, but with suppliers as well. Further, insurers are able to pivot and adapt swiftly to account for changes in the market, no matter how unexpected they might be. By putting insurers first, the team at 360Globalnet have found a way of allowing clients to always put their customers first. While technology undoubtably plays an enormous role in the growth and success of 360Globalnet, it would be useless in the hands of a less skilful team. Over the last ten years, 360Globalnet has grown significantly, with revenue that has expanded 30% over the last year and is set to reach 60% next year. This is testament to the scalability of the tech as well as the teamwork that is required to keep the business expanding. Recruitment is a vital part of any business, but at this stage in 360Globalnet, it has meant a focus on ensuring the right mentality and connecting with a culture suited to thriving on growth. Managing this growth in order to maintain the high standards to which customers have been accustomed has been no easy task. Having a clear North Star from management has been invaluable when it has come to communicating easily with everyone involved, and the dream of a complete end to end no-code digital claims platform that delivers the digital service policyholders demand has been essential. Looking ahead, 360Globalnet is hoping to expand further into North America, Europe and the APAC regions, fuelled by additional investment. As the industry continues to develop, so too must the need for continued development of technology in the sector. The incredible potential of Immersive 360° imagery and Laser-scanning from mobile devices, too, will have their impact, and 2023 will see this capability implemented by 360Globalnet for the first time. Success in the financial sector depends on finding new ways forward, and the triumph of 360Globalnet has come in no small part from a pioneering approach. We celebrate the team’s achievement and look forward to what they do in the future. Company: 360Globalnet Contact Name: Julie Rodilosso Web Address: Email:

Dec22037 When managing money for your clients, it is of utmost importance that you have the right solutions. This can ensure risks stay anchored to what is being stipulated in the mandates provided. Alpha Beta Partners Ltd does all it can to ensure each of your clients are informed and protected. Here we explore ABP’s magic as it is bestowed with this fantastic accolade in the UK Finance Awards 2022. With its story beginning in 2016, Alpha Beta Partners Ltd (ABP) started as a collection of like-minded individuals with 25-30 years’ worth of experience each. Its seasoned veterans came together to set up a business that would inevitably alter the trajectory of the industry, for all kinds of people. Over the years, they had all noticed that institutional techniques were only available to very wealthy people, big institutions, and pension and sovereign wealth funds. ABP believes that this level of service and sophistication should be available to all – no matter the amount of money they have. ABP was established in 2017 to be a one-stop-shop for all business and personal investment portfolio needs. ABP has grown at an exponential rate from its beginning to where it is now. This dedicated business started with nothing to manage and now has around £1.45 billion in assets under management – an astonishing achievement for the team making ABP one of the fastest growing discretionary fund managers in the UK. Its team is diverse, modern, and relaxed, so that each advisor they work with is filled with confidence and peace of mind. Each advisor it works for can then deliver invaluable services straight from ABP to their own clients, supporting them every step of the way. Offering a range of low-cost portfolios, ABP has a passive and sustainable range, a defensive income portfolio range, and a blended range, which is a mixture of passive and active solutions, and highly bespoke solutions for specific clients. All its solutions are built to succeed for everyone, and ABP is proud to say that its investment portfolios consistently stay within the boundaries of the volatility corridors – making each model portfolio behave in line with consumer expectation and remain efficient and effective. ABP has the key to managing risk within investment due to its rich, deeply rooted knowledge and prestigious portfolios. It ensures that not only its values are aligned with its clients, but that its clients are united with who they look after. One area of expertise is its sequence risk management portfolio that aids those who are retiring. This strategy was specifically designed to move assets into cash when markets aren’t as desirable, and back into assets when the markets are better. This is just one of the ways ABP mitigates risk and keeps people happy and secure. ABP’s model portfolios have been awarded the highest 5 Star Rating and 5 Diamond Ratings over multiple years (Core Portfolio range) by Defaqto, and we can see why. ABP works hard to create and maintain its solutions and does so whilst building strong relationships with its clients. Creating this alignment between itself, each product, every advisor, and their clients, ABP enhances the customer experience for generations to follow. ABP has now won Best Risk-First Investment Advisors for the UK, and we are sure that it will continue to help people regardless of their level of income or assets. It’s clear to see that Alpha Beta Partners is the place to go for those who truly care about their clients. Finally, we look forward to seeing it flourish in the years to come. Contact: Geoff Brooks/Andrew Thompson Company: Alpha Beta Partners Ltd Web Address: Best Risk-First Investment Managers – UK