Greater London Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / Greater London Enterprise Awards 2018 15 , Finer Vision is quickly becoming one of London’s go-to digital creative agencies for some of the world’s most recognisable brands. We caught up with David Lucas to learn more about the firm and the range of services it has to offer. Best Full-Service Digital Agency 2018 Supporting a range of clients, Finer Vision often manages the creative side of any given project, as well as the production, and as such the firm employs a team of Strategists and Designers that work closely with its Full Stack Development teams to think up innovative ideas and then bring them to life all under the same roof. Built from a base of rock- solid technical knowledge, Finer Vision’s aim is to be as imaginative and innovative as possible. This involves embracing innovation and developments in the increasingly digital creative marketplace, as David explains as he discusses the firm’s mission. “Here at Finer Vision, our mission is to encourage the world to embrace digital innovation. We do not like digital for digital’s sake, but when digital is done correctly it makes life easier and richer. In order to pursue this aim, we work hard produce work at the forefront of the creative industry; work that impresses people regardless of their digital education.” Operating in such a fast- paced market that is led by technology and trends, David and his team have to work hard to remain ahead of the latest market developments so that they can offer clients cutting- edge solutions. He is proud to share an insight into the latest trends that Finer Visions are seeing and how these are impacting on the company and the projects it undertakes. “Currently, an increasing number of our projects are in the experiential space. A lot of our clients are looking for innovative ways to embrace the mantra “tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand”. The figures fluctuate depending on which source you’re reading but marketing teams now dedicate a much larger chunk of their budget towards this particular pursuit than ever before. This is where we come in. We have always existed on a diet of websites, apps and more traditional digital products (all of which we still dedicate a lot of studio time to developing) but our clients are increasingly interested in how to push boundaries and be more innovative. “This interest is what led to the creation of the FV Lab. We have developed technology that lends itself to the live environment - tactile, interactive pieces that pull in customers and serve a purpose. We like to keep experimenting with the latest tech, and when clients ask for new, fresh ideas we’re a well-placed resource for making things a reality. For instance, we are currently working on emotion recognition and eye-movement detection technology, which we have rolled out for a couple of brands this year. Developing solutions such as these is what keeps us on our toes and able to ensure ongoing excellence for our clients.” Winning this award is a great source of pride for David and the team, as it recognition of the Finer Vision LON18051 firm’s hard work and talent. David talks us through how the company came to win this accolade and his gratitude towards his team, who have helped drive Finer Vision to this success. “Over the years we have found that success comes in different forms, but we have found the reasons for being successful are simple. We place the most value on the basics - the things you can control: hard work, integrity, respect for the people we work with, a sense of pride in projects no matter how small and trying to make Finer Vision an enjoyable place to ply your trade. If you have a team that consistently gets these right and has a genuine flair for what they do, everything is headed in a positive direction.” Enhancing this success will remain Finer Vision’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright future, as David is proud to conclude. “Moving forward, at Finer Vision we aim to continue growing, slowly but surely. We have a new space to settle into and eventually fill - with people and screens of all shapes and sizes. One specific focus for us is to fine-tune the way we work with our large client base. For a lot of people, we exist as a fountain for ideas and pitch inspiration, which has served everyone well so far, and has helped us cultivate a lot of strong relationships across the industry. It would be great to start moving the focus on the longer term with the people we work with the best, rather than working on a project- by-project basis with a busy studio calendar always in a state of flux. “Additionally, the focus for FV Lab is on R&D, and as such there are always exciting projects on the horizon, which will help ensure that Finer Vision remains a key player in the digital market over the years to come.” Company: Finer Vision Contact: David Lucas Address: Unit 1, 8 Bluelion Place, London, SE1 4PU Phone: 0207 394 5544 Website: