Greater London Enterprise Awards 2018

24 SME NEWS / Greater London Enterprise Awards 2018 , Supporting the community, the Beormund Community Centre is a charitable organisation and multi-use community centre providing a wide range of educational, training, social and cultural programmes andactivities for the residents of Southwark, but particularly those living in Bermondsey and Rotherhithe. Having recently recognised the centre in this year’s Greater London Enterprise Awards we profiled it to showcase the vital work it undertakes. Best Multi-Use Community Centre 2018 - Southwark The Beormund is a safe, welcoming and accessible place with community facilities to meet the needs of all age groups. These include an onsite OFSTED registered nursery, Information Technology suites, training rooms, a dance studio, a fashion workshop, and a gym and fitness centre, as well as a reception and exhibition space, offices and a kitchen. These facilities help the organisation to achieve its mission: to support its many diverse local residents and groups, particularly those people who are the most deprived, vulnerable, isolated and socially excluded, to improve their quality of life, to develop their basic and vocational training skills, and to assist them to become more active and healthy citizens. The Beormund acts as a vibrant community hub bringing together a range of advice and support services, promoting cross community cohesion and cultural interchange, and providing opportunities for volunteering and self-help. As an organisation, the Beormund is a charitable company limited by guarantee. The objects and powers of the company are set out in the Memorandum of Association. The Directors of the company are elected annually at the Company’s Annual General Meeting, and they become members of the Management Committee responsible for the strategic direction and policy of the charity. There are normally between 10 and 20 Management Committee Members. The day to Beormund Community Centre LON18035 Company: Beormund Community Centre Contact: Coral Newell Address: 177 Abbey Street, London, SE1 2AN, UK Phone: 020 7237 9313 Website: day responsibility for the provision of services is delegated to a Chief Executive/Centre Manager, who has overall management responsibility for the centre, including recruitment, contracts and financial administration. Every member of the team at the Beormund works hard to ensure that everyone it supports receives the help they need. Everyone from minorities, those with disabilities, the young and the elderly is welcomed and supported, and as such the centre has become a hub for the local community to meet and support each other. Alongside offering a range of activities and classes, the centre also offers rooms for hire so that groups and individuals can meet and share their passions or cultures. Activities offered by the centre include educational classes, fitness activities and support meetings. Looking ahead, the Beormund will continue to offer its array of support and services to ensure that visitors and the community as a whole continues to benefit and enjoy a safe, supportive environment in which everyone is welcomed.