Greater London Enterprise Awards 2018

26 SME NEWS / Greater London Enterprise Awards 2018 , RATCHET specialise in short form video and animated graphics. As part of our overview of a selection of the winners from this year’s Greater London Enterprise Awards we invited Katherine Nathan to talk us through the company and the expertise it offers to its esteemed clientele. Best Video Production Company 2018 - London Founded in 2008 and based in Bankside and Borough, RATCHET is an independent, award-winning creative company covering all aspects of media production. Thanks to the team’s vast broadcast experience, today RATCHET is proud to be able to offer clients a service that marries creative with editorial knowledge. The firm’s personal approach to the professional business of creating stand-out content is something that its clients’ value. Katherine explores how her dedicated team, which has been specifically selected, has the knowledge and commitment to provide clients with exceptional return on investment. “Here at RATCHET, we work across sector which gives us great insight into various markets, how other businesses work and importantly how you can reach all kinds of audiences on their level. Whether it is filming and directing interviews or original content, building bespoke sets, shooting on location, piloting our licensed drone or creating explainer videos, 360°assets, we try to make the production process as simple as possible for clients. “As our staff are central to our success, we have been very strategic about building our design team. We have compiled a team featuring a range of expertise, including dedicated illustrators, and those with specialist animation and online skills. Whilst our competitors often choose staff who have skills across the board, we prefer to hire specialist staff who can offer our clients the benefit of their individual expertise, and RATCHET LON18043 Company: RATCHET Contact: Thomas Dortel Address: 4, Europoint Centre, 5-11 Lavington Street Phone: 020 7928 2899 Website: it is this that sets us apart in the crowded creative market.” Ultimately, it is RATCHET’s vast industry expertise combined with its flexible, innovative approach that sets it apart from its competitors and marks it out as the best option for its clients, as Katherine is proud to conclude. “Since inception, we have successfully utilised our broadcast and digital skills to create content for businesses, organisations, artisans and start-ups. We love the variety and the richness that it brings to the work. It is thrilling to use the latest technology to get results. Our deep understanding of and passion for our craft is always translated onto screen. We respect that people today are the most sophisticated consumers with instant choice and power of veto, and as such the future for RATCHET involves continuing to innovate and offer our clients the solutions they need.”