Greater London Enterprise Awards 2018

6 SME NEWS / Greater London Enterprise Awards 2018 , Darren Christopher Rowland ( DCR ) is an International Life Coachwhose work supports both his clients and the charitable organisation S.O.U.P. He provides us with a fascinating insight into the work he undertakes and the reasons why he chooses to donate his fee, time and skills in this unique manner. Best Life Coach of 2018 Drawing on his experience, Darren Christopher Rowland offers a range of life coaching services designed to produce real results for his clients. Following an impoverished upbringing as the youngest of five children, Darren left school at age 16 with no qualifications, no role models, no confidence, no money and no future. He decided to put all his efforts in to improving himself and his life and envisioned a way to help others do the same one day quicker and easier than he did. From his middle teens Darren immersed himself in the study of personal development. He experienced a lot of ridicule for doing this, yet he ignored the criticism and kept his vision. At age 17 he started his personal training study. He funded this by working part time for a home improvement company, starting as a mere door to door canvasser and working his way up to manager of the office, helping to raise over £1 Million in business during the two years he spent there. He Successfully obtained his international accreditation in 1992 and started his career as a Personal Trainer Coach in 1995. He went on to eventually achieve the highest possible qualification in the industry at that time called the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine). After 6 years’ experience working with individuals directly and personally, he decided to expand and start Life Coaching in 2001 as he loved working with people and wanted to give more. He was already producing results in the physical and his natural listening skill set and genuine empathy were natural prerequisites for this new avenue. He began with a few local clients and built this up over the subsequent years separately to his ongoing personal training business. Today, he supports a vast array of clients around the world with his “DCR way – have a Dream, make the Changes and reap the Rewards”. In his opening comments Darren explains his Life Coaching premise … “I believe that most people spend too much time in distraction mode, and never get around to taking control of their own lives, having been at both end of Life’s experience I believe I am able to offer effective solutions to help people start taking the control back”. “It is not a weakness or a character flaw that causes people Darren Christopher Rowland LON18048 to get caught up in Life and lose their way, Life is very hard and challenging and so it is all too easy to become overwhelmed by Life’s demands and pressures”. “When I step in, I Coach individuals to use their inherent capabilities, nurture their skillsets and begin the process of real transformation that then lasts through time. My ultimate goal is to give the client the opportunity to have a Better Quality of Life whether that be a C-Level executive who is struggling with work / home life balance or a Successful public figure who is struggling with the incongruency of their overweight body, or individuals with emotional blocks that prevent them from feeling free”. DCR started coaching in the public realm in 2001 and progressed primarily into the private world of VIP coaching in 2012, he again expanded into international coaching in 2014 due to demand and referral. Darren discusses his unique service offering in detail and outlines how he works alongside his clients to ensure they achieve the results they desire… “My Coaching primarily covers C-Level executives and business people, health, weight loss and weight management, emotional coaching and relationships in the VIP arena. I work within a niche area of life coaching in that I coach my clients until change happens. So I am known as a Life Changing Coach…clients are offered the option not to pay me for my efforts regardless of duration or input, rather they pay only for the successful completion of the outcome they seek. So, no change, no fee. Traditional life coaching is based on payment in exchange for effort, regardless of whether the outcome is achieved or not! I believe this does not define and account for the change the client is seeking nor is this fair to the client thus, I offer the option to only pay if I successfully coach the client to the desired and agreed outcome. Hence, I am a Life changing Coach and I put that in to my title purposely so people understand this distinction, and thus, what I do and what, to expect from me.” “Fundamentally, I feel confident in my ability to help people because I have a vast coaching experience, I have worked in