Greater London Enterprise Awards 2018

SME NEWS / Greater London Enterprise Awards 2018 9 McKinley Spaces g Company: McKinley Spaces Contact: Daphne Mckinley Address: The Pavilion 96 High Street, Kensington, London, W8 4SG, UK Phone: 07736 230 287 Website: solutions that release unforeseen volume. Our innovative designs use interchangeable functionality coupled with the latest technology to engineer bespoke developments.” Staff are of vital importance to the success of McKinley Spaces, and as such Daphne is keen to showcase her firm’s culture and how this benefits her team and clients. “Internally, I run a very tight internal team with a couple of key people. I source teams independently per project depending on the development. It is key that everyone can work together and understand their role for each development. As we are based in London it is very beneficial for ease of access for site meetings, access to new or existing clients, developing new products, finding new suppliers and partners, and as such we are able to work collaboratively and achieve great results for all our clients.” As she looks to the future, Daphne is optimistic that her firm can continue to change the property market for the better and create stunning new homes that will stand the test of time. “Going forward, McKinley Spaces will continue to focus on Urban developments, as rehousing the younger generation which I believe is their rite of passage, so they can get a foot on the property ladder. We hope to be working on 90 HTB flats as our next project, and are excited for the opportunities this will offer for our team.”