Greater London Enterprise Awards 2019

10 | SME NEWS - Greater London Enterprise Awards 2019 Trusted short let property management experts City Relay support home owners throughout London and allow them to let out their property safe in the knowledge that is well cared for. We profile the firm to find out more about the unique service it provides. With the rise in popularity of sites such as Airbnb, which allow property owners to lease their space for a short period of time and for guests to stay in a home rather than a hotel, there is an increasing need for managers to support owners and short-term tenants to ensure the process runs smoothly. After all, many of these platforms simply facilitate the transactions, and do not support the management of the rental process. As such, homeowners are seeking experienced managers to support them in renting their property out for a short period of time. Originally founded in 2015 to help residential property owners in London who wish to rent out their properties, primarily for a short time, and to provide services to manage the process, City Relay has since risen to become one of London’s leading and most trusted short let property management companies. Unique to the market, City Relay is the only property management company to provide Reception Spaces, where face-to-face advice and guidance to residential property owners and their guests is provided. This is a totally unique concept in the short letting industry. There are currently two Reception Spaces operational in Earls’ Court and Shepherd’s Bush with another opening before the end of the year and 23 more planned across London by 2022. By offering a truly innovative service, the firm is able to attract a wide range of clients and provide them with its award-winning service and expert support. Thanks to the in-depth local knowledge of the areas within which it operates and the localised service it can provide, the firm is able to enable its hosts to earn money from their property, safe in the knowledge that it is being well looked after. In addition, City Relay also offer an extensive range of management services including property maintenance, high quality cleaning and laundry City Relay Short Let Property Management Specialists of the Year 2019 services, as well as marketing on over 30 platforms such as Airbnb and intelligent pricing software. Guests also benefit from a range of luxury amenities. The company is committed to providing a quality service and each property is reviewed in detail before it is listed. Each booking undergoes comprehensive security checks and each guest is met personally before keys are handed over. This provides Londoners with the much-needed reassurance and confidence that their property is in the safest hands. All of the firm’s Reception Spaces are situated within a short distance of the properties, enabling clients’ guests to check into their property with ease, store their luggage, and enjoy their visit, knowing that City Relay specialists are just around the corner should they need any help. This unique Reception Space concept brings the convenience of short letting together with the service and experience of a premium hotel. Looking ahead, as the increased focus on short- term lets shows no sign in slowing down, City Relay will continue to enhance its service offering in order to benefit both guests and homeowners alike and provide them with the exceptional standard of services and support that they have come to expect from this award-winning company. There is an increasing trend in London for residential property owners to recognise the opportunity of realising value from their home asset, in circumstances where they may be going away for a while, thinking of selling their property, or just wishing to earn some extra money. As such, City Relay has an ambitious growth plan to remain at the forefront of this market, which includes opening a number of new reception spaces across London with the ultimate goal of having a reception space within a 10 minute walk of each of its properties. Company: City Relay Contact: Simon Kingsnorth Website: