Greater London Enterprise Awards 2019

26 | SME NEWS - Greater London Enterprise Awards 2019 Winners of one of this year’s Greater London Enterprise Awards, the Social Value Portal is an innovative online solution that allows organisations to measure and report the contribution that they, and their supply chain, make to society. As part of our showcase of a selection of this year’s winners we profile the social enterprise and the vital work it does. At a time where people are increasingly focused on community and the environment, organisations across the UK are prioritising how they can showcase the social value they are generating. ‘Social value’, as defined by The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, refers to the wider financial and non- financial impacts of programmes, organisations and interventions, including the wellbeing of individuals and communities, social capital and the environment. The team at the Social Value Portal work with a range of clients to help them identify how they are, or could start, generating social value and how to measure and report what they are doing. The online platform – the Portal – is used by those organisations to track their own social value as well as for procurements, tender evaluations and contract management. This means that public and private sector suppliers can track their activity, measure their outcomes and report their social value to their clients. All measurement is underpinned by the National TOMs (Themes, Outcomes, Measures) social value measurement framework. This framework was launched in 2017 following 18 months of development and consultation by the National Social Value Task Force, a body that was established by the Social Value Portal and is currently led by the Local Government Association. With more than 40 members across local and central government and the private and third sectors, the Task Force aims to ensure the National TOMs framework is driving good practice, delivering value for money and meeting the needs of communities around the country. The National TOMs enables organisations to report their social value delivery in both financial and non-financial terms. To promote transparency and ensure consistency in data Social Value Portal Best Online Supply Chain Measurement Service 2019 collection, interpretation and reporting, the framework is open source and free to download from the Social Value Portal’s website. It allows bidders to be compared like for like during a procurement when they are answering the social value question within a tender, and ultimately means that different projects, contracts and organisations can report their social value in a uniform way. Since it was established the Social Value Portal has achieved phenomenal success and cemented itself as a trusted partner for its clients across all sectors and industries. Key to this has been the annual National Social Value Conference that brings together policy makers, practitioners, delivery organisations, researchers, public sector procurers and other key stakeholders to innovate and shape the direction of social value in the UK. The next National Social Value Conference will be held in St Pauls, London, in January 2020. Ultimately, the Social Value Portal wants to see social value as a core part of business as usual for all organisations, big or small. This would mean that more and more social value would be generated for people, communities, the environment and society as a whole. Company: Social Value Portal Contact: Anna McChesney-Gordon Website: