Greater London Enterprise Awards 2019

29 | SME NEWS - Greater London Enterprise Awards 2019 Since the company’s establishment nearly forty years ago, Turner Rawlinson & Co Ltd. (TR) has delivered expert services and advice to all customers, finding an insurance solution that fits their exact requirements. As part of our awards season in SME News, we explore the company in more detail to find out what makes them London’s best independent insurance brokers in 2019. When it comes to insurance, clients want a partner they can trust to deliver the goods based on their specific needs and requirements, often unique to them. TR concentrate their attention fully on clients’ businesses, providing expert advice on commercial and bespoke private insurance needs. Clients are visited face-to-face so advisors can fully provide an insurance cover just for them. Working with a range of SME and mid-corporate clients across multiple industries, the firm offers a full range of insurances with specialism in construction, property and leisure arenas. As chosen partners of Willis Towers Watson, TR have all the facilities of a national and international broker with buying power and dispute resolutions to match. By encouraging the face-to-face interaction, clients have access to a highly-talented pool of experience account managers. Being assigned only one account manager means that clients can speak to the same person again and again, to someone who knows them, their goals and objectives, and can access anything the client needs. Whatever the business activity, TR’s commercial team can arrange an insurance solution to suit every client need. In order to do this, the firm will determine any potential exposure and the implement a package that mitigates the risks facing clients, ensuring they can conduct their operations with the comfort of full protection. Commercial insurance cover ranges from motor trade and metal workers insurance, to construction insurance and cyber liability. Insurance trends UK-wide are beginning to see insurers appetite and capacity reduce, with a view to profitability over volume and the start of a hardening general insurance market. Arguably most apparent in the field of professional indemnity and management liability, but is likely to go far beyond these two areas. As ever, the element of uncertainty continues to grip sectors surrounding Brexit and its eventual consequences. In times such as these, the work of TR is more important than ever to help clients get the best insurance deal they can. In any complex industry, there is a constant need for development and continued understanding of changes within national and global markets. TR Turner Rawlinson & Co. Ltd. Best Independent Insurance Brokers 2019 - London ensure that their staff’s continued professional development is a key pillar of their success. As price fluctuations, concerns and other adaptations emerge as a result of Brexit, this insurance company will continue to preach the message that service, advice and support does not mean an inflated price. Ultimately, the true marker of TR’s success is their ever-growing renewal rates which continue to significantly exceed industry averages. A fitting testament to the ongoing trust their clients’ place in them, this returning business means that the company can continue to successfully broker top- quality insurance deals for all manner of clients across London. Company: Turner Rawlinson & Co. Ltd. Contact: Gary Field Website: