Greater London Enterprise Awards 2019

4 | SME NEWS - Greater London Enterprise Awards 2019 Having worked as a professional life coach for more than eighteen years, in five continents, and with thousands of people, Darren Christopher Rowland (DCR) D.H.F NASM helps to coach VIP individuals in unlocking their potential. Working across a broad spectrum of areas, Darren helps give his clients the opportunity to have a better quality of life whilst also striving to help those most in need through his charity organisation, S.O.U.P. We examine this international life coach of the year for 2019 as part of our Greater London Enterprise Awards. An internationally-recognised life coach who helps clients make real change and realise their dreams, DCR understands the key needs behind making those fundamental changes. Where people try to make a change in feelings and behaviours, Darren helps clients address the internal mechanisms that control them. With strategies that work and ironclad support, this life coach’s expertise is in helping people to make lightning quick changes that have lasting effects. Life coaching is similar to an electrician helping those with an electrical problem, a mechanic helping those with a broken-down car, or even a solicitor helping with legal problems. All these people have one thing in common, the ability to take a problem and provide a solution. DCR’s life coaching is much the same, helping clients with problems they have in their lives that are based on and around feelings and behaviours. The core mission for DCR is to provide solutions to the problems that people face in their everyday life, envisioning a place where people are freed from their own limitations and constraints. Life coaching with Darren can help empower those individuals to make significant changes to their lives. What separates DCR from his competitors is his wealth of experience. With almost three decades in weight loss, management and health coaching, seven years of executive level coaching on an international scale, and having coached thousands of individuals across the world, he is better equipped than most to handle all areas of coaching. Outside of the coaching world, DCR has even more relevant experience to help his coaching offerings. Having been financially broke before he became a self-made millionaire, he has also had three successful careers, set up and run eight different businesses, and worked with charity organisations for sixteen years, twelve of which have been running his own charity organisation. Darren Christopher Rowland International Life Coach of the Year 2019 Before deciding to focus his time on being a life coach, DCR had been a personal trainer in the health industry since 1996, coaching people in the physical and producing results. It wasn’t long before he became perturbed that his role was a reactional one. He found himself helping people with their bodies was just an effect because most people had a psychology that was not conducive to lasting results. Eventually, he decided to expand into the area of coaching outside of physical parameters, so that he could address the situation and that is where his life coaching career began. Darren began life coaching in 2001. Initially, his offerings were very limited and for free. As more time went by, he started charging more, and must have been doing something right as his clientele base continued to grow. By 2006, DCR had accumulated five years’ experience as a life coach, whilst simultaneously continuing his career in the health industry which had started back in 1992. Having started a company called Easy Health, this was followed in 2007 with a second company called Easy Weight Management. Towards the end of 2007, DCR began to expand his property portfolio and set up a UK-registered charity. It was around this time in 2008 that he became financially secure, prompting him to re- evaluate his entire life. For the next two years, life coaching was reduced as he chose to focus on his health management businesses. At the end of 2010, DCR re-evaluated the situation once more, deciding the time was right to continue on with his life coaching.