Greater London Enterprise Awards 2019

6 | SME NEWS - Greater London Enterprise Awards 2019 Beginning again in 2011, he spent the whole year carrying out seminars. It was then that DCR began to attract a few VIP clients to the events. This increased as the months went by and naturally, he found himself working on a one-to-one basis with his VIP clientele. As 2012 came around, Darren stopped the seminar coaching, and concentrated solely on offering the one-to-one coaching for his VIP client base. Working alongside significant individuals in the worlds of entertainment, government, sport and other areas. Beginning his life coaching journey almost twenty years ago, DCR has since seen rapid expansion of his various health-related businesses and expert life coaching services. Following a meteoric rise in success and expansion of clients, he had accrued his first million by 2008, took on his first international client in 2014. Since expanding into international life coaching, DCR has enjoyed the privilege of travelling to New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Vietnam, Africa, Russia, and the United States as well as all over Europe. Despite the barriers that language can sometimes pose, DCR has the benefit of his wife being multilingual. Helping him co-facilitate his international coaching, DCR’s wife is a trained teacher and qualified coach in mindfulness at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre at the University of Oxford. She is a qualified cosmetic Doctor who practises research based cosmetic medicine which includes a programme of mindfulness, which forms part of her therapy to reduce stress as an anti-ageing method. His VIP clientele is made up of both national and international individuals, including high profile figures in the worlds of music, television, sports, government and business. Top executives and presidents of corporations, it also includes individuals of very high net worth and individuals in power positions. Darren is under contract with many of his clients to be able to travel at a moment’s notice to anywhere in the world wherever they are. His primary role is to ensure their mental and emotional states are at peak levels, utilising all his experience to make that happen. When it comes to his life coaching skill sets, DCR operates in seven main areas, ranging from weight loss to relationships, and from emotions to executive coaching. In weight loss coaching, he helps clients to not just lose the weight, but give them the tools necessary to keep the weight off permanently. In offering health services, DCR can help people make significant physical changes to help ensure longevity of life. In the world of executive business or presidency roles, isolation and stress can be extreme factors, both of which DCR provides support against. For those looking to choose a career path that will bring fulfilment, he also offers coaching in that area. If clients needs are more relational, then DCR also offers relationship coaching to help clients master communication with both intimate partners and work superiors. Finally, DCR helps with both emotional and financial coaching. Emotionally, he can help clients handle phobias, fear, addictions, and specific emotions such as depression, rejection, lack of motivation, shyness and nervousness amongst others. Financially, DCR’s coaching helps individuals who want to become wealthier, or at least increase their current level of income. Life coaching involves forward thinking, rather than looking backwards to help people make positive and empowering changes. Being pro- active rather than reactive, DCR’s life coaching is goal-oriented rather than directionless, helping clients with the changes that they may be struggling to make alone. Through wisdom, experience, knowledge and expertise, he mentors those who wish to emulate success, or make positive changes. The six steps that DCR outlines for success are deciding on what change to make, defining current place, appreciating the gap between present situation and future goals, align with those goals, creating a plan, and then acting on that plan. Defining himself as a life changing coach, DCR helps clients achieve all the aforementioned steps in their journey to achieving the success they want. Having worked hard to be in such a financially stable situation himself, 100% of every payment that DCR receives from life coaching in the public arena goes to supporting charity organisations. Any payment made goes direct to a UK- registered charity of his choice. This year he has given his coaching for free to police forces, hospitals, prisons, Cancer Research UK, Oxfam, and football clubs amongst many others. Devoting much of his time to raising funds for the charity that he holds most dear to his own heart, DCR’s attention is on S.O.U.P (www.soupcharity. org), which was founded in 2007. Working to help the neediest in society, the elderly living in poverty and isolation, this charity performs a much needed and very special role in the charity sector. Not content to simply spend time with the elderly in society, the staff cook and feed them, look after them, clean for them and demonstrate the very best of human kindness. DCR himself acts as chairperson for this remarkable charity, devoting all his payment from work in the public arena to the support and continued maintenance of the vital work that S.O.U.P does. Whether working alongside a top-level executive who is struggling with work-life balance, or a public figure who wants to lose weight, DCR’s level of care in his life coaching extends to all manner of VIP clients and all walks of VIP life to remove emotional blocks that limit physical, mental, or social experiences of their life. Overall, DCR’s phenomenal success is down to his continued incorporation of his own wealth of experience alongside a determination to deliver the best life coaching he possibly can. Drawing on eighteen years of direct experience, this VIP life coach helps create lasting change through effective strategies and rock-solid support. Company: Darren Christopher Rowland Website: