Greater London Enterprise Awards 2020

14 | Greater London Awards 2020 Sep20517 Most Visionary Personal Development Entrepreneur 2020 Progress does not happen by chance. All significant advancements in human history have come about as a result of focused learning, planning, commitment, and having a vision that extends beyond the self. To foster that same mentality in his client, Tony Jeton Selimi founded TJS Cognition as private coaching, mentoring, research, education, training, and service limited educational company, dedicated to exploring and expanding the frontiers of human awareness and potential. Visionary does not begin to describe the genius of Mr Selimi, but join us as we highlight the success of the firm. With his gift for making science, business, spirituality and psychology understandable, relevant, and captivating, he helps others shift their awareness to make profound changes in their lives. Since its foundation, the mission of TJS Cognition has always been to change positively, impact, and transform the lives of as many people as possible. It does this by inspiring and teaching men and women of all nationalities, creeds, and colours on how to become purposeful and disciplined masters of themselves, as well as dedicated and inspired leaders and teacher of others. Through a combination of one-on-one consulting, coaching, mentoring, education, and training books, films, documentaries and other products, individuals can build spiritual, mental, vocational, Business, financial, familial, social, and physical awareness like never before. Spearheaded by Tony J. Selimi himself, the firm’s vision is his own, and it is to share his philosophy globally with those who want to meet organisational, educational, service, and financial goals and objectives at any stage of their lives. Born in 1969 in the town of Gostivar, Republic of Northern Macedonia, Tony J. Selimi went from living homeless and penniless to an internationally recognised TEDx speaker, award- winning author, self-made multi-millionaire, and cognition expert specialising in human behaviour, emotional intelligence, and leadership excellence. He co-created Living My Illusion documentary and pioneered several trademarked methodologies in human development to help other people reach their aspirations and dreams. Tony is a private consultant, advising people around the world from all walks of life on personal, professional, business development, government strategy, and visionary issues. Primarily, he works closely with Fortune 500 CEOs, senior business executives, and professionals working in some of the world’s most significant cities such as London, New York, Washington DC, Shanghai, Paris, Berlin, Zurich and many others. Whether these individuals be financiers, corporate executives, health professionals, scientists, politicians, entrepreneurs, lawyers, royals, millionaires, Hollywood A list celebrities or billionaires for that matter, he treats them all as equal and delivers outstanding service. They seek his range of expertise to get unstuck, unleash their magnificence, excel in all critical areas of life, and live fulfilled, authentically and freely on their terms. Since founding TJS Cognition in 2015, Mr Selimi has specialised in assisting high achieves in breaking through mental imprisonment, additions, phobias, and limiting beliefs to awaken their inner leader, maximise their human potential, and accomplish more elevated levels of achievement. Like a transparent mirror, Tony is known for his ability to see through people’s problems, behaviours, thought patterns, values, and disempowering beliefs, and help them rid themselves from lies that conceal their authentic selves that is powerful, truthful, and worthy of so much more. It is through proven processes that Mr Selimi assists people in building the strong foundations and emotional resilience needed to create memorable and lasting Business, leadership, and personal transformation. Being present, connecting with dignity, and working in a manner that is open and respectful are just some of the core values that are woven into the heart of what Tony does. He acts as the driving force behind the mission to educate, inspire, and create positive changes in the lives of many people. Organisations seek his expertise to boost productivity, performance, profits and overall employee wellbeing. Mr Selimi helps businesses establish a culture where all team members live by an entrepreneurial spirit, taking risks and learning from them. He uses his thirty years of study, research and field experience to empower teams to roll up their sleeves and dive in with unbridled commitment; a commitment, which encompasses excellence and embodying a desire to thrive in making a significant difference in the world. Tony J. Selimi is also keenly aware of the market trends revolving around self-improvement for individuals and businesses alike. Markets in the United Kingdom and across the world has also been witnessing a surge in the utilisation of online mediums for self-improvement. Hence, the industry is being increasingly regulated owing to data security and copyright concerns. Service providers are switching to virtual events, such as online workshops, seminars, webinars, and live chats to sustain their business growth in this