Greater London Enterprise Awards 2020

34 | Greater London Awards 2020 We are in the modern, technological age, every company, regardless of size or industry uses technology in some form, whether that be Tattoo Artists using electronic calendars to plan appointments or large enterprises using bespoke CRM systems – everyone in the 21st century uses technology as part of their business. In this technological era, it can be tricky for businesses to understand what their needs are, meaning that business can suffer and fall behind because of one thing - confusion. One company that looks to eradicate the confusion caused by technology and the many terms that comes with it is Project Vision. We spoke with Project Vision’s Tom Redmond to what it is that has helped them establish themselves as an industry leader. Everyone in modern society knows something about technology, but not everyone knows how to implement technology or take on technology projects that will benefit their business. In areas such as this many companies look to outsource their needs and bring in people who know what they are doing, they want experts, which Tom informs us this is exactly what you get with Project Vision “When it comes to business technology, we are true masters in our fields. We encompass design, implementation and support of fibre optic and IT cabling systems, network and wireless systems, VOIP, Security and Audio- Visual services, serving growing businesses and enterprise-level clients. We provide a specific focus on your service needs, with no hidden costs; just your project realised.” As mentioned we are in the technological era and the number of technology companies has increased, meaning technology companies need to try setting themselves apart from their competitors, this is exactly what Project Vision have done, as Tom informs us “[Our] USP - we have over 30-years of experience in successfully advising, planning, installing and supporting multiple technology platforms, across a wide range of environments. We fully understand the entire process of successfully delivering projects and collaborating with other specialist trades to ensure a seamless completion. Our clients tell us that our knowledge and the quality of our Design of IT and AV systems, underpins their trust in our ability to successfully implement, and that quality and commitment of our installation works, underpins their trust in the quality of designs.” Technology is such a dynamic industry and what works on one day could be rendered irrelevant the next, because of this staying on top of industry trends can be difficult. Yet Project Vision achieves this, they stay on top of trends and seem to have an innate understanding of what their industry needs of them. Tom advised us Best IT Cabling Services Provider - UK “The modern business climate is facing a new era, and with many workers finding themselves working from home, we all find ourselves adapting the way we work. Now more than ever, a company’s internal communication is essential to the efficiency and productivity of their staff. Which is where highly available and secure communications will be crucial in delivering key services. Investing in new and long-lasting video technology is vital for organisations looking to thrive amidst the ever-changing technological landscape.” The adaptation Tom speaks of runs deep in the heart of Project Vision, they are a company who do not settle, they look for improvement, Tom communicated to us the culture of project vision and had this to say “We encourage our staff to regularly seek opportunities to enhance their knowledge and qualifications. During their time working for Project Vision, many staff have enrolled into further education and achieved additional qualifications.” They stay on top of their game by ensuring their staff are at the top of their game. This is part of the reason Project Vision are forward thinkers, they constantly seek self- improvement, meaning what they deliver to their customers is an improvement too. Project Vision have already advised us that customers are at the heart of everything they do, and they are sure seek out those who embody this from the start, when speaking about how they decide on new talent Tom said “We like all of our staff to encompass our approach of being client-focused and committed to quality. Priding ourselves on our internal communication, we like any new staff member to be comfortable embracing all varieties of personality while having a passion for their specialised job role.” However it is not just in the staffing that Project Vision want their dedication to their customers to shine through, Tom told us this is something they will hold on to as they go forward into the future “Project Vision will continue to focus hard on our client-focused approach and commitment to quality.” The need for technology in business is undeniable, Tom puts it best himself “Every industry relies on technology to support operations, communication, and process management, yet knowing which IT solutions best meet your requirements can be challenging. Project Vision are here to help!” Contact: Tom Redmond Company: Project Vision Ltd Web Address: Sep20185