Greater London Enterprise Awards 2020

50 | Greater London Awards 2020 Best Financial Product Mis-Sell Claims Management Company Strax Capital Legal is a small, niche claims management company who work with clients that have experienced financial losses due to being misadvised by regulated professionals. Named “Best Financial Product Mis-Sell Claims Management Company” in the 2020 UK SME Greater London Enterprise Awards, Strax Capital Legal seek to win compensation for their clients by building a comprehensive and detailed claim. Working on a “no win, no fee” basis, Strax Capital deal with claims relating to mortgage mis-advice, pensions & SIPPs, investments such as overseas properties, and unregulated investments like land banking or fine wines. Every client is assisted individually and with a bespoke approach. Clients also receive their own personal claims manager that remains with them throughout Strax Capital’s services. Dedicated to a policy of transparency, openness, honesty, and respect, the firm recognise the vulnerability of clients who are in difficult financial situations. In any way possible, Strax Capital strive to go the extra mile to help their clients. In fact, their services are so effective that much of their clientele have come to them through personal recommendation from other clients. Many of these cases that the firm work on are due to historical financial mis-advice given from the early 2000’s onwards. They work across the UK as well as for UK expats who have been mis-advised by a regulated professional from the UK. Often, these clients are elderly or vulnerable people with no knowledge of the Financial Services system, the Financial Conduct Authority or compensation schemes that are available. Strax Capital protect the vulnerable from great injustices, whereby they fall prey to sophisticated scams. These scams are becoming increasingly more effective and their victims need an expert who can support them. Fraudsters that prey on the vulnerable and the elderly are rising in number. It is down to compassionate and loyal professionals like Strax Capital to expose this abuse and defend victims of fraud. Unfortunately, these deceivers are not always a stranger. Members of the population who are over 50 control 70% of the nation’s wealth. As many of them have disabilities which may make them dependent on someone else, their assets and possessions can usually be Sep20721 accessed by those that care for them. They can be a social care professional or even a family member. Firms like Strax Capital are perfectly equipped to stand against immoral exploiters such as these. Their internal culture is based on hard work, teamwork, and constant learning and development. Although the team is small, they consistently combine efforts to help clients with what could be a life-changing event. The firm value communication tremendously and believe this is the key to their success. As the team help people from all backgrounds and ethnicities, they acknowledge that it is paramount to appreciate their unique social and cultural needs. By gaining a deep understanding of the client’s needs, Strax Capital can strategise innovatively and thoughtfully. Past clients comment on the swift and smooth process through which Strax Capital helps them. Were it not for the team’s broad experience and supportive service, many of these clients could have lost what is dear to them, and not only in a purely financial context. Poor financial advice and fraud can lead to families having their entire way of life turned on its head. The Strax Capital team have had career experience in large corporate financial institutions, and they bring this inside knowledge to the general public who otherwise would not have access to it. Some clients have approached the Strax team after being told by financial institutions that they had no claim. However, these institutions often will not possess the knowledge or the genuine care for their clients that Strax Capital do. Winning over £9 million in compensation for their clients, the feedback they have received has been astounding. With all 5-star reviews on Trustpilot and Google, the firm’s clients continue to mention their professionalism and quality of service. Contact: Marie Barclay Company: Strax Capital Legal Web Address: