Greater London Enterprise Awards 2021

48 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2021 technology to allow patients to check in using a barcode that they scan, which has been reducing contact throughout the pandemic. It also sports hand-drawn illustrations of birds that, in Azad’s words, “signify unity, expression, and freedom.” With its large open waiting room that is filled with natural light, it is transformed by oak slats that create shadow and atmosphere throughout the Scandinavian inspired space. Now, Banning Dental Group is looking forward to opening another seven properties in the coming months. For an extraordinary and unique atmosphere, Banning Dental Group is the right place to go for all of your dental needs. Sit back and relax, you’re in good hands. Contact: Azad Eyrumlu Company: Banning Dental Group Web Address: Lots of people find going to the dentist to be a stressful situation, but with Banning Dental Group, things don’t have to be this way. Inspired by Scandinavian healthcare systems, this practice is helping people to live healthy lives, with a smile. We talk to its CEO Dr Azad Eyrumlu to find out more as it celebrates its recent award at the Greater London Enterprise Awards 2021. Banning Dental Group is comprised of general dentists, specialists, hygienists, therapists, and personal trainers. CEO Azad Eyrumlu tells us, “This will allow us to understand underlying factors such as health, lifestyle, and dietary habits when we provide major dental work.” By providing each individual with a bespoke service, Banning is creating an experience that will be positive and entirely beneficial for them. Established in London, Banning Dental Group has been able to reach a high volume of patients and provide them with all major dental treatments by GDC registered specialists. Azad says, “We strongly believe in a multidisciplinary approach to every significant dental treatment.” Each treatment is carefully planned and set out for the highest level of customer service. By reassuring each patient, every treatment can be carried out swiftly and to the best quality. The team is a selection of highly professional, understanding, calming staff who care about the experience of the patient as their number one priority. Azad says, “Each member of the team is trained to provide the best service possible, and we have standard operating procedures for each staff member.” By making sure that every patient’s journey is intricately and carefully tailored to them, Banning Dental Group is able to deliver the best service possible to each one of its visitors. Due to the fact that most of us have been getting used to video chat systems over the course of the pandemic, Banning Dental Group believes that a lot of people have become more aware of their smiles. The NHS does not provide cosmetic work so Banning has seen a big increase in its customer base who would like braces and veneers. Overall, Azad tells us, “A more aesthetically conscious dental trend is on the rise. Most Outstanding for Dental Patient Care 2021 More patients are opting for private dental work and expecting better dental care”. Banning Dental Group is equipped with the latest, cutting-edge dental technology. Azad says that the technology is “an essential part of the quality treatments” and says that “the practice has state- of-the art CBCT xrays, microscopes, pain-free injections, scanners, milling machines, and iTero scanners for before and after teeth straightening simulations.” Offered the best technology by Banning Dental Group, patients can have a superior and innovative experience when attending their appointments. It also allows patients to listen to their favourite music during their appointments, provides coffee for patients, and even allows children to take photos wearing a superhero cape to ease their nerves when visiting. The interior design of the practice is what brings it to life. It is the first practice to have a signature piece of illuminated parametric art in the shape of a tooth as its reception desk. This desk has the Jul21625