Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022

40 | Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022 service as the backbone of the business.” It was a problem which guided every step of Santis Global’s development, eventually forming the basis of the team’s mission: “To tailor global solutions for our clients by delivering superior service, adding value to their business and innovating the industry through technology, sustainability and an ethical workforce.” Theirs is a business that is built on partnership, and like all partnerships, both sides offer something of value. Setting such lofty goals, however, was no guarantee of success. We wondered how achieving these dreams moved from fantasy to reality. “As a result of investment and research, I’ve been able to find the right team with the best knowledge, expertise, and solution-focused approach,” Luke tells us. “I have an IT platform that keeps my clients in control of costs, tracking and data security and service partners who have enabled us to offer a comprehensive range of service options to our clients in accordance with their needs, budgets, and other factors such as speed of delivery.” When Luke Eggar formed Santis Global, he did so because of an overwhelming frustration with the state of the courier market. He felt there was no solution that offered the quality of service in every area that customers deserved. Through this venture, he has set new standards in the industry, earning success in the SME News’ Greater London Enterprise Awards 2022. We caught up with him to uncover more about the firm’s success. Rapid deliveries form the backbone of numerous companies in the UK, with an incredible range of services on offer from a host of different providers. None, however, is quite like Santis Global. Santis Global prides itself on excelling in every area, from IT usability through to invoicing, from customer service to serving the areas you want to deliver to. Since opening their doors, nothing less than exceptional is acceptable. When asked why he has set such high standards for the firm, Luke Eggar was quick to explain: “I strongly believe that choosing the right logistics partner for your company is vital to our client’s operation. In today’s ever-changing landscape, our clients need a service that doesn’t just deliver on time but acts as an extension of their brand.” This decision sets the firm apart as one which is always supportive of their clients’ needs, going above and beyond at all times to offer incredible results. When Luke formed the firm, he was frustrated that “not one courier company in the market provided a total service solution with high-end Best Same Day Courier Service 2022 Jul22207 As an essential part of the supply chain for many, the trust that the Santis Global team have been able to inspire has allowed them to thrive since opening their doors. “The true value of our service, however, lies in the fact that we raise the bar in every aspect of the service we offer,” Luke explains, before adding, “and that we are constantly evaluating, innovating and making improvements. It’s all about how we better serve our clients.” The courier industry is one which is filled with challenges, requiring teams that are able to meet tight deadlines, that can operate with care, and that can coordinate in often challenging situations. For the businesses and individuals of Greater London, the work undertaken by the team is truly exceptional. For those looking for a courier service that is a cut above the rest, you shouldn’t hesitate to get in touch with the team from Santis Global. Company: Santis Global Name: John Pye Email: Web Address: