Issue 11 2021

10 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 Oct21573 The Future of Cyber Security Law With a huge shift to online buying and online start-up businesses, there is a higher demand for E-Commerce and IT Lawyers. Maître Anne-Katel Martineau has recently been awarded with Leading E-Commerce and IT Lawyer of the Year, France. Here we take a deeper look into the e-commerce and IT industries, what Cabinet de Maître Anne-Katel Martineau does, and how the award-winning firm is stays up to date in an ever-fluctuating industry. ulti-award-winning firmCabinet de Maître Anne-Katel Martineau has been around since 2007 and has helped a huge number of businesses and individuals to set up and maintain their online presence, brand, or franchise. The firm was set up to support companies and self-employed individuals in information and communication technology law. It is also interested in aiding performance art law alongside the art market where Anne-Katel supports both the art and media market. More recently, the firm’s focus has been directed to legal matters pertaining to the e-commerce industry. E-commerce, also known as Electronic Commerce, is the industry of buying and selling of products, goods, or services via the internet. E-commerce law includes everything legal in relation to the e-commerce industry and is a highly important practice that aids online businesses around the globe. Each company with an online presence must abide by certain laws and regulations, much like the laws that any other business must consider and practice. E-commerce law has become more important than ever as the internet continues to grow and businesses are having more success in the online realm. This is where online legal responsibility becomes essential as legislation has the tendency to change over time, and businesses must therefore work to stay current, relevant and compliant. As businesses can occasionally find themselves in legal difficulties, e-commerce law has become a very important service that requires someone with expertise and a rich background of experience. The most common legal issues that e-commerce companies face happen to be things like establishing a legitimate business entity that protects it from personal liability, creating business agreements that protect the business interests with partners, drafting proper license agreements, avoiding fake reviews, account suspensions, and dealing with payment processing issues such as chargebacks and holdbacks with processors. In being represented by an E-commerce Law Attorney, it is more probable that the business in question will be able to flourish and weather any problems that may arise. As there are many legal issues that may arise when forming an e-commerce site, or when working with an e-commerce platform, it is imperative that the business has access to legal advice and aid should anything go wrong. The services that an Internet Law Attorney provides include – but are not limited to – advice on e-commerce business ventures, generating M e-commerce terms and conditions, privacy policies, return policies, assisting with payment processing problems, resolving review and counterfeit issues, and a further extending list of processes and issues. Information Technology (IT) law is slightly different to e-commerce law as it is broader. Although it is very similar to e-commerce law – due to it revolving around online systems – IT law typically encompasses all things web and computer software related. These things usually involve electronic signature laws, data privacy (GDPR) and security, and software licensing issues. IT attorneys work with all of these areas to share knowledge of legalities so that they may help any business with potential liability issues. Over the course of the global pandemic, there has been an influx of online buying. Perhaps this is due to lockdowns where people are spending more time inside, so they fill more of their time with online shopping. Or perhaps it is due to the decrease in spending elsewhere, as many businesses have been forced to close. However, as there has been an increase in online spending and the number of online shops, the industry has seen a rise in the need for IT, e-commerce, and IP lawyers. This has driven lawyers forward as they have more work than ever before, and it doesn’t look like this is going to change any time soon as people seem to have become more accustomed to buying online. Known for her insightful and wise background in online spaces and companies, Anne-Katel is making a defined difference to the businesses that she lends herself to. She underwent training on cyberspace law in 2003, with a course on personal data, before working in these specific markets. She has worked in various places and has been working on these kinds of issues for over 18 years. And, since its birth, Cabinet de Maître Anne-Katel has supported an incredible number of start-ups worldwide. Anne-Katel also deals with IP laws that protect copyright, trademarks, and patents alike. Essentially, this covers anything such as inventions, literary and artistic works, designs, and symbols. By protecting these aspects of a business, she is allowing them to avoid any mishaps or imposters that may cause issues for them. Noticed in the world of contract negotiation and amicable dispute resolution in an international context, the firm has won multiple awards for its excellent services. Winning awards from 2015-2021 in new, innovative IT and IP laws, alongside art laws, and most recently Leading