Issue 11 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 13 improve their technique, and will accelerate their learning process like never before! Trackman’s accuracy is unparalleled, which is why the best golfers in the world use it to bring their performance up to the best level. In addition to analysing each swing, the technology offers a unique sensory experience in the form of the best graphics and most realistic virtual golf experience on the market. Not only is Golf Exécutif Montréal an extraordinary facility to play golf, but it is also a visually-impressive, full-of-character and ecological piece of architecture with large windows showcasing a breathtakingly panoramic natural backdrop, and downtown Montréal being just minutes away. Club members and the community can also make the most of the clubhouse during and outside golf season, since it offers a variety of activities and events throughout the year, along with the most delicious menu, which was the first to be 100% plant-based in Montréal. A delightful atmosphere, ground-breaking technology, and optimum luxury, there couldn’t be a better place to enjoy a round of golf and a bite to eat. It’s a golfer’s dream come true. Jun21057 Company: Golf Exécutif Montréal Contact: Lisa Yoon Email: l.yoon@ Website: www.golfexecutifmontreal. com/en Best Sustainable Leisure Sport Facility – Canada olf Exécutif Montréal has constructed a spectacular clubhouse which aims to maximise the golf season to its absolute fullest. It has developed a radical new approach to the game of golf itself, with busy individuals in mind. The clubhouse is designed to offer spaces that are both luxurious and as flexible as possible, with private rooms for discussing business deals; a large indoor multi-purpose room for corporate parties and delivering presentations, seminars or conferences; private booths for practicing golf via virtual simulators; a huge practice area for a new take on company golf tournaments; and an exquisite lounge for networking with life-minded individuals. At Golf Exécutif Montréal, guests can play more, and they can play more intelligently. Trackman simulation software, the world’s most powerful golf swing analysis tool, comes with the virtual golf simulators and allows golfers to stay on top of their game, no matter the weather. It provides dual radar technology and camera to capture all relevant data from the golfer’s swing while simultaneously taking video of performance. These are invaluable sources of information for golfers wanting to G Golf Exécutif Montréal has reinvented the golfing experience by combining extraordinary innovation with advanced technology to design uniquely intelligent golf. The corporate golf experience will never be the same again.