Issue 11 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 17 Company: Free State Development Corporation Contact: Shepherd Moyo Website: Best Regional Economic Development Agency CFO (Africa): Shepherd Moyo hen it comes to the attraction of investors to certain projects, companies, and goals, it takes a certain kind of company – and a certain kind of leader – to make those connections healthy and lasting ones. Free State Development Corporation is one such company, andShepherdMoyo is one such leader. Fundamentally, with its work under the umbrella of a provincial development agency, Free State Development Corporation is a specialist in the attraction of the best investors from all over the world to the Free State province in Africa. With ratlou office complexes now up for rental, commercial properties available to rent, Thaba Nchu apartments now available, and the village square residential complex also now open to receive residents in the heart of the capital of Bloemfontein, this company provides real estate opportunities and financial and non-financial assistance to SMEs in order to help them get off the ground. Much of this was made possible by the previous CFO, Shepherd Moyo, who serves as Chief Financial Officer from the 1st of January 2015 to the 30th of March 2020 in order to bring the company into the future, securing it as the cornerstone business in the Free State that it is today. He was, in essence, in charge of the strategic implementation of all manner of different business propositions and elements from top to bottom, granting him years of experience in managing the relationships between his clients and his company. Furthermore, he made himself an expert when it came to day-to-day financial operations. Using the experience he gained over his time in this role, he ensured that the Free State Development Corporation was financially sound and achieved an unqualified audit opinion. This, on an everyday basis, was thoroughly achieved by Shepherd and his team, showing his clients the diligence and professional acumen that he worked hard to cultivate within every element of the business that he had a hand in. Additionally, much of this influence can still be seen today in how Free State Development Corporation operates as a company, and it still benefits from the capital raising for the various projects that the organization is embarking on that began when Shepherd was the CFO. This is perhaps unsurprising when one considers he has over 17 years of financial services and 12 years of leadership under his belt, all of which he was able to bring to his role in order to cultivate a company that was able to stand head and shoulders above the competition. W He also honed the skills he earned during his Certificate in the Theory of Accounting with CTA, B.Comm Accounting degree, and Chartered Accountant status when advising the board of directors on various factors, as well as on the financial matters of the organization on the whole; through this, he was able to influence the choices that were made during these critical starting years and set Free State Development Corporation on a path towards reaching much larger goals. Moreover, serving the SMEs of the Free State have made this business into one that is perfect when it comes to helping them handle challenges placed before them by the banks, using its government-owned status to make itself a cornerstone part of a client’s support structure. The staff, in order to do this, each work as part of a larger whole. This team-based mentality has allowed Free State Development Corporation to see itself through all manner of challenges and difficulties, recruiting those with exemplary qualifications who also displayed the right attitude that would enable them to thrive in the industry of investment advice. Each of them also operate with clearly defined goals and objectives in mind, keeping the wider company in strict accordance with PFMA and local legislation as a direct result. Led by exemplary CFO Shepherd Moyo, the Free State Development Corporation has been put in excellent stead to reach for further success and continue shaping the future of the Free State. With a strict emphasis on the hard work, tenacity, and diligence it has taken him to reach this point in his career, Shepherd Moyo has been sharing the knowledge that he has been taught with the companies he works with, all elements of which have been earned through achieving a myriad of exemplary qualifications, managing thorough audits, and becoming a chartered accountant. Aug21138