Issue 11 2021

18 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 Aug21256 Best Corporate Financial Strategy Consultancy 2021 - Southwest USA Successful businesses face new challenges as they evolve. Fintrepid Solutions helps them navigate those challenges, providing clarity and confidence to become more profitable, sustainable, and valuable. Globally renowned for its strategic excellence, founder, Ryan Weissmueller, explains more about his company. fter serving in C-level finance roles for numerous entrepreneurial companies, Ryan Weissmueller realized his dream to further serve the entrepreneurial community by founding Fintrepid Solutions. Ryan has established a rich skill set in delivering customized, nimble solutions to support leadership teams and their companies as they face new challenges at various stages over time. Additionally, Ryan has substantial experience with acquisitions and sales, capital raises, treasury management, financial analysis, KPI’s and strategic financial support to CEO’s and management teams in several industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, construction, and service businesses. Fintrepid Solutions clients are growing and evolving entrepreneurial businesses across various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, real estate and construction, retail, and services, among others. Having worked with over 100 clients, Fintrepid understands the entrepreneur and helps them solve problems where they lack the expertise, experience, or bandwidth. Its expert team has spent their entire careers working for, in, and on various business areas, including mergers and acquisitions, expansion, and building foundations for growth and forward-looking visibility. Additional expertise sections are within inconsistent or declining margins, profit enhancement, systems, and cash management. Each company is unique, so clear communication and truly understanding clients and their needs is essential. Ryan Weissmueller, the founder of Fintrepid Solutions, explains, “We are value-focused on everything we do. Being agile, quick studies, and leveraging our experience allows us to deliver high-value, customized solutions. This laser focus on value is the key to providing the most effective solutions at a point in time, given the finite resources available to businesses.” These values have been the company’s cornerstone and are essential to its success. They have fuelled Fintrepid’s growth and been a north star to build its team around. Additionally, these values have allowed the company to be a source of stability and clarity for clients during the uncertainty of the last 18 months. Fintrepid aids entrepreneurial businesses, primarily founder-led, growing and evolving across a wide variety of industries. “Our focus starts with understanding their challenges and opportunities, and in collaboration with them, creating customized solutions, not just applying a one-size-fits-all approach. Our unique value proposition is that we truly understand the entrepreneur, their challenges, their resource A limitations, and the landscape in which their company lives,” states Ryan. Fintrepid delivers creative, high-value solutions andworks with clients to provide both the strategy and execution to solve their problems. However, the most significant industry challenges are related to the continued uncertainty that impacts clients on a routine basis, requiring the company to stay as sharp and nimble as ever, keeping in tune with the financial markets and macro and micro-economic trends. “We are so plugged into the entrepreneurial space that we get great market intel on what is happening on ‘Main Street’ and can leverage best practices frequently. The value of our services and our ability to support our clients was perhaps never more valuable than during the peaks of the pandemic when answers were few and far between,” explains Ryan. Furthermore, Fintrepid will continue to grow methodically as it has done for the past five years. This year, the company celebrated the 100th business joining the Fintrepid Solutions family of clients and is on its way up to 200. Ryan states, “Our mission is to serve as many entrepreneurs as we can and to help them realize the fullest extent of their American dream. As a result, we expect to see businesses growing and M&A activity to be strong while in an environment that can be fluid financially, creating opportunities for our clients and our firm.” Above all, Fintrepid wants to keep doing exactly as they do while getting a little better each day. Company: Fintrepid Solutions Name: Ryan Weissmueller Email: Web Address: