Issue 11 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 21 Aug21645 Anticipation, Dedication and Resiliency HOENICI has come a long way since it was founded by Giovanni Patri 15 years ago. When Giovanni first started out, his passion for international finance and his curiosity for anti- money laundering drove him to perform intense research, giving him the motivation to turn hard work and inspiration into a booming identity protection service. Today, PHOENICI is a completely independent firm, whose loyalty belongs exclusively to its clients and not to a parent company. The firm’s independence enables the team to establish working relationships with a number of industry-leading firms within the financial sector, real estate agencies and many more. This also means the team is there for clients, offering them ongoing expertise whenever they need it. The primary purpose of PHOENICI is to protect individuals and companies against identity theft, but also to rehabilitate victims, alongside helping professionals to be armed against identity theft issues. The services it provides are the result of almost two decades of development and they are based upon three core pillars: Anticipation, Dedication and Resiliency. Anticipation focuses on serving the needs of a customer efficiently, as the team works diligently on the requirements of their clients. Secondly, dedication plays a crucial part in the firm’s customer service approach. The reason being is that the team strive for a high-quality output which shows the high standards they have set themselves. Lastly, resiliency is about going above and beyond for clients. Going the extra mile does not only result in an indebted and happy customer; it goes further in terms of keeping themselves on their clients’ radars for future business. Currently, the cybersecurity market is a huge trend and as in every emerging market, it unfortunately has had its fair share of scams, which is one of the biggest outside influences. As such, one of the primary challenges is related to the change in work habits (like telecommuting), which potentially brings with it a number of cyber breaches. Prior to the trend, PHOENICI had already begun working on cybersecurity, identity protection and also data management, so the team were anticipating the changes in working habits, and thus the need to access sensitive data with low risks. PHOENICI’s approach to the challenge is to propose solutions against identity theft that can satisfy the individuals’ expectancies, as well as the professional requirements for various industries. Alongside remaining one step ahead of challenges, PHOENICI is also always at the cutting-edge of the market when it comes to P developments, as it is permanently anticipating changes. Since inception, the firm has applied this principle and it has proven to be a success. In terms of technological innovation, the PHOENICI team attempts to remain alert as much as possible when it comes to the latest technologies and developments by participating in events. As for what the future holds for the firm, the team at PHOENICI will continue to deliver an extraordinary service to their clients, one which not only meets their requirements but also exceeds their expectations. Company: PHOENICI Website: Established in 2015, PHOENICI is a start-up in identity and data protection which initially began by providing legal and finance support services to international clients. Over the years, the firm has tweaked the various identity theft solutions originally developed by founder, Giovanni Patri. Having recently found success in Acquisition International’s 2021 Global Excellence Awards, we take a closer look at PHOENICI and how it came to be one of most outstanding data protection start-ups in Luxembourg today.