Issue 11 2021

22 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 Leveraging Human Performance Fidello Inc. is a consulting firm which specialises in improving human performance by identifying strategic competencies and behaviours that drive strategic results. Its expertise and dedication has earned it the Best Human Performance Consulting Firm 2021 – USA award in this issue of Acquisition International magazine, so we take a closer look at what it has to offer clients. ith their 15-20 years’ experience, Fidello Inc.’s key consultants have helped many international, national and regional organisations to design, develop, and implement strategic, integrated human resource processes and systems. They strive to raise leaders’ levels from what they are doing to what they are capable of doing; they align development resources and career aspirations in support of the organisation’s strategies and needs; and they quickly find and hire the most qualified people to positions in which they are best suited. The aforementioned is achieved by providing services in competency development, performance management, succession planning, development planning, leadership development, selection and recruitment, job profiles, learning management, and training and development. Alongside its services come products in the form of Competency Catalogue, Leading Indicators™, and HR Web™ software. Over the last 15 years, Fidello consultants have compiled and developed a Competency Catalogue, aka an inventory of general business competencies, with consists of the knowledge and skills required to achieve desired performance and outcomes. This is the result of working with clients to complete primary research, and insight gained through observation and practice. The company considers it an evergreen document and it works constantly to improve it. This stands alone as a model of general business competencies or as a resource an organisation can utilise to build a customised competency model fitted to their business model and culture. Fidello has also put a lot of research into its Leading Indicators™ product, an online multi-rater tool designed for leaders and organisations to assess both present and future leadership capacity. This extensive research is conducted out of reviewing hundreds of leadership models and assessment tools to bring together the leadership factors that are most pertinent to today’s organisations; by gaining insights from prominent books and articles – both recent and classic; and by gaining responses to more than 33,000 open-ended questions to acquire a database of “best practices”, such as “What do you consider to be the top three characteristics of an effective leader?”, “What are your present leader’s greatest strengths?”, and “What would you most like your present leader to do differently?”. Alongside that is the company’s HR Web™ software, a one-size- does-not-fit-all flexible single user interface which meets the needs of each client’s environment. Its main functions include competency assessments, competency gap analysis, employee development action planning, job/role competency profiling, successions/ W Aug21804 recruiting planning, learning management, training and development strategies and forecasts, goal/objective/performance management, organisational effectiveness, and team development. Since its establishment, Fidello has had the privilege of helping many organisations to increase the performance of their employees, including Avon Products Inc., US Army, US Airforce, US Navy, US Marine Corps, United Nations, Microsoft, Burger King, Xerox Corporation, and many more. The company is ready to demonstrate the value it can provide to you and your organisation – To arrange a demo or web conference of Fidello products and capabilities, please get in touch. Company: Fidello Inc. Website: