Issue 11 2021

26 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 Sep21109 The Company Carving Out Corporate Identities ntidote, in essence, has been built to be a problem solver for its clients. Above all else, this company takes pride in being able to address issues with a client’s internal processes from the marketing to the business proper, bringing together an exemplary base of knowledge in each of its outstanding staff. Fundamentally, each member of staff on its team carries an exemplary education and degree of training which they implement to serve its staff, with a variety of backgrounds in working with both brands and agencies of all shapes and sizes. It knows what works and knows what doesn’t work, making Antidote the cure-all for a business’s ailments and promoting a new brand that will take it forwards towards further growth. Being a modern advertising agency with a difference, it has gone above and beyond in order to secure its position as a modern firm with big ideas. Moreover, it will operate in such a comprehensive, empathic, and sensitive manner in order to understand a client’s business that being long, the client embraces it as a long-term business partner and corporate friend; this bolsters the growth of both companies as a result, making its clients success its success. In a nutshell, Antidote gets things done and doesn’t bring on the headaches and hang-ups of other advertising agencies. Dedicated to working with its client as well as for them, it will always take their comments, concerns, and queries on board, implementing their ideas and vision into the project in order to make sure that they final product will always perfectly mirror what the customer wishes to put forward to their market. With a deep dedication to figuring out any challenge that may come its way, it will always take on the client’s challenges as its own. Moreover, in facing these head on, it does an exemplary job of showing a client that they’re in safe hands by taking a proactive approach to everything it does, from delivering product shots to building a fully functioning department in a matter of mere months and so much more. Critically, it respects that no two business is the same; and so no two business will need the same Antidote. By keeping itself flexible, adaptive, and client-first, its leadership has nearly two decades of experience with CPG and is working with Edgewell Personal Care Men’s Grooming brands at present, excited to be able to show off the results soon. Antidote’s dedication to improvement, commitment to award-worthy work, and relentless KPI and ROI efforts have all made it a true diamond in the business marketing and brand development industry. Having come up with its own approach to creating large quantities of new media and content creation in order to respond to the market’s hankering for A In a global corporate ecosystem with such a diversity of different companies and sectors, finding a unique brand that appeals to a market segment and still fits the individual firm’s goals and values can be tricky. However, Antidote – the Best Independent Branding & Advertising Agency in 2021 for California – has just the solution. Making itself a highly diligent, collaborative, and empathic brand development and advertising agency that helps its clients address any and all business or marketing related challenges, its content is instantly recognisable as stunning, effective, and deeply relevant to the client’s core mission. Company: Antidote Contact: Bridget Scovel Website: it, its brilliant team of photographers, directors, and creatives work hard to create brilliant work on budget and even in adherence with strict deadlines. This is especially clear in its high-quality radio spots. Herein, it avoids the traditional ‘in person’ session and works with talent in their own sound booth and mixer, achieving written, produced, and released content for traffic within 3 days, showing just how much blood, sweat, and tears this company invests into every client. Antidote, in essence, has been built to be a problem solver for its clients.