Issue 11 2021

30 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 The Trip Of A Lifetime For the last 15 years, Tamara Britten has led the field in uncovering the real East Africa. It’s little wonder that Tamara’s two companies, Karibu Kenya and Exclusive Ethiopia, have been recognised for their astonishing breadth and depth. The range of options and detailed information on both companies’ websites have seen them named Most Outstanding Tourism Booking Websites 2021 - Kenya & Ethiopia in Acquisition International’s 2021 Global Excellence Awards. We take a closer look to find out more. hen Tamara Britten decided to write a guidebook to Kenya, she couldn’t have known where it would take her. For two years, she undertook painstaking research that dug into the very heart of the country. Driving from mountains to beaches, from cities to deserts, Tamara catalogued every safari camp, coastal resort and holiday cottage to create the Karibu Kenya Accommodation Guide. This guidebook, with its comprehensive and personal approach, has shaped how we see Africa; it was the basis of Tamara’s career and gave her a platform to share Kenya with people from around the world. Since publishing the guidebook, Tamara has built her companies that give visitors the opportunity to discover Kenya and Ethiopia for themselves. Karibu Kenya and Exclusive Ethiopia open the door to some of the region’s most appealing destinations, and the team designs bespoke holidays according to each client’s interests and budget. It’s little wonder that so many people have turned to Karibu Kenya and Exclusive Ethiopia to plan their holidays in these premier destinations. Their holidays give an experience that stands apart in a crowded market. Both Kenya and Ethiopia are countries with outstanding natural beauty and diverse exciting activities. Planning a trip to these fascinating destinations is challenging: there are so many sights to see, things to do and places to stay. It pays to turn to a guide who knows the region intimately, and Tamara and her team have just that expertise. Their detailed websites are constantly being updated, allowing Tamara to share Kenya and Ethiopia as she sees them – living, breathing places that are frequently changing. The two websites lead the way in showcasing this glorious part of the world. As well as meticulous descriptions of hotels, resorts and safari camps, and all the activities available at each, Tamara’s websites include all her articles about the region. A prolific travel writer, Tamara has contributed to numerous local and international publications, and her features give astute insights into the region. Tamara’s passion for Kenya and Ethiopia shines through every facet of her enterprise and has been a key factor in securing such long-lived success. Much of what Tamara and her team have achieved comes from looking for what will be next. They were ahead of the curve on the region’s unique features, and on visitors’ growing desire for luxury, and are still ahead of the curve when it comes to the impact of tourism and its sustainability. Every holiday organised by Karibu Kenya and W Sep21177 Exclusive Ethiopia takes into account the needs of the wildlife, the communities and the environment; all domestic flights and road transfers are offset through Wildlife Works, an organisation that protects threatened forests, wildlife and communities. The companies are also ahead of the curve in entering the wellness market. They offer a selection of yoga and wellness retreats at exotic venues around the region that can be enjoyed on their own, or included as part of a longer holiday. Should a visitor wish to experience yoga, safari and beach in Kenya, for example, or yoga, historic sites and tribal peoples in Ethiopia, this team can provide that. With so much on offer, it pays to turn to experienced old hands like Karibu Kenya and Exclusive Ethiopia. Trusted operators, they’re able to design the precise holiday each visitor will most enjoy. As the world becomes more accessible, Karibu Kenya and Exclusive Ethiopia offer an experience that is truly unique. Companies: Karibu Kenya & Exclusive Ethiopia Websites: and Name: Tamara Britten Email: