Issue 11 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 31 Sep21198 Company: Rechtsanwalt Wamser Contact: Ingo Klaus Wamser Email: Website: Criminal Law Specialists ince its inception, Rechtsanwalt Wamser has represented countless clients in both German and European criminal cases, as well as cross-border investigations in all fields of criminal law. Alongside delivering these tailored services, Rechtsanwalt Wamser also builds teams in different jurisdictions which are based on their network of proven experts in criminal law to handle cross- border investigations and the European Arrest Warrants and cases of international criminal law. Over the years, Rechtsanwalt Wamser has had continuous success and has reached great heights based on the permanent training and lecturing it provides. The firm also engages in the on the job training of young professionals, leading them to careers in international companies and organisations. Ingo Klaus Wamser is a certified specialist in criminal law (Fachanwalt für Strafrecht) and a certified defence counsel for economic crimes (Zertifizierter Verteidiger für Wirtschaftsstrafrecht DSV). He is entitled to practice in criminal cases before all German courts, within certain limits in other EU member states, at the International Criminal Court, the Kosovo Specialist Chambers and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon at The Hague. Beside the classical activity as a lawyer, Ingo works as a lecturer at Montanuniversität Leoben in Austria. He has been a member of a delegation at the International Maritime Organisation and is still a permanent legal advisor to military and private security forces in the field of maritime security and maritime law enforcement. He lectures on international criminal law and professional conduct at various entities on a domestic and international level. Classic criminal cases are handled with experience as well as transnational investigations, cases of alleged terrorism financing and organised crimes. Ingo is actually involved in one of the very first cases of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) investigating crimes against the EU budget since June 2021. Within this capacity, Mr. Wamser is engaged in handling a multi-jurisdiction defence team for ensuring a fair trial for his client who faces investigations in various European member states. Recent cases included organised crimes in the field of international trafficking of human beings and cross-border drug trafficking as well as cases with protected witnesses. Due to his expertise and high standards in professional ethics, Ingo worked as a legal expert for cases regarding lawyer’s remuneration for the Munich bar authority and in 2015, he was appointed as a judge at the Anwaltsgericht München for cases of counsel’s misconduct by the Bavarian Ministry of Justice. In 2020, he was appointed as a judge S Ingo Klaus Wamser founded the law firm Rechtsanwalt Wamser in 2005 as the youngest attorney in Germany at the time. He has recently seen success in AI’s 2021 Leading Adviser where he was selected as Germany’s Leading Cross-Border Criminal Litigation Lawyer of the Year, which has led us to profile both him and his company. Join us as we learn more. at the Bayerischer Anwa l t sger i cht shof , the Court of Appeal for cases of counsel’s misconduct and for deciding court cases on administrative issues in connection with bar admissions. In 2019, he co-drafted the Code of Conduct for Specialist Counsel at the Kosovo Specialist Chambers and was a member of the working group for the establishment of an independent representative body for counsel at this court. He is serving as a member of the Executive Committee of the Independent Representative Body for counsel, acting before the Kosovo Specialist Chambers (IRB-KSC) and he serves his third time as the Chairperson of the Membership Committee of the International Criminal Court Bar Association (ICCBA) handling disciplinary cases within the association. Additional efforts by Mr. Wamser include authoring various articles on criminal and maritime law and of a book on the counsel’s disciplinary proceedings at the International Criminal Court, as well as co-authoring a commentary on the German Federal Lawyers’ Act. He is also a Fellow of the European Law Institute Mr. Wamser is a consultative committee member of the project “Admissibility of E-Evidence in Criminal Proceedings in the EU” and the project “ELI- Mount Scopus European Standards of Judicial Independence”. Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at Rechtsanwalt Wamser will continue to deliver an exceptional service, ensuring that they not only meet the requirements which have been set by their clients, but also surpass their expectations. Lastly, Ingo hopes to build upon the numerous accomplishments he has achieved over the years, which includes being a repeat winner within Acquisition International’s Leading Advisor Awards. Company: Rechtsanwalt Wamser Contact: Ingo Klaus Wamser Email: Website: