Issue 11 2021

32 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 Apr21116 Revolutionizing Clinical Research - Now and for the Future As ‘2021’s Leading Innovators in Vaccine Research’ for Texas, Benchmark Research has made itself an incredibly invaluable company when it comes to the furtherment of medical technology and clinical trials. Working with both public and private sector governing bodies, as well as ensuring that each clinical trial is safe, effective, and reliable, Benchmark’s work has resulted in the distribution of new vaccinations and medicines that are certifiably safe and go on to save many lives. Welcoming in new participants to its paid clinical trials daily, the Benchmark Team follows a strict standard of care to look after each person who steps up to help, leading the way in both informed consent and exemplary study design. Sep 231 enchmark Research, one of the top clinical research firms in the world, is trusted by clients across a variety of different countries in order to conduct investigational studies for the development of new vaccines and medicines. Their research has resulted in the generation of medicines for a wide variety of illness which is why they have developed a brand and reputation on the basis of ‘raising the standard’ for vaccination testing and research on a global stage, paying each of its participants for their part in the studies. Fundamentally, its participants can be anyone. This means that it will happily welcome any applicant with open arms and assign them to the studies where they are eligible and where they will be of the most use, from adults to seniors, and teenagers to children, each of whom are safeguarded by Benchmark’s strict standard of care. B Operating across 8 different cities, Benchmark’s compassionate, understanding, and deeply tenacious team focus on evaluating vaccines and medicines. Moreover, its focus on these prioritises those that will help ‘everyday people, protect our community, and save lives’, promoting a prevailing ethos of doing one’s part to help ensure the wellbeing of other people. Due to this, it also seeks to make participating in its efforts as easy as possible. Its patient screenings and blood tests are always free when a patient is participating in a study trial, with no insurance required, showing its commitment to giving back to its participants and its deep gratitude to each and every one of them. Benchmark’s areas of expertise are also an important factor of this company’s operation. Being such an exemplary vaccination testing firm and clinical trials specialist, it has been trusted by a wide variety of different healthcare areas to assess the safety and effectiveness of various vaccination administered medicines and other healthcare products. For instance, it has made itself a cornerstone company for acute care, allergy aid, general medicine, obesity smoking cessation, vaccines, and women’s health, applying its hallmark sophistication and commitment to each of these cases in order to create a pool of results that are ethical and reliable. Therefore, it takes informed consent incredibly seriously. When participating in a study with Benchmark, a participant can always rest assured that there will be no deceit involved, and that the study has undergone rigorous ethical testing before being implemented. When walking into a study, the participant will know everything they need to know in order to make the decision to take part. Having begun in 1997, CEO Mark Lacy is happy to say that by operating with these intensive principles of reliability, validity, ethics, credibility, safety, and expertise, it has been able to conduct over 1000 trials with over 50,000 participants, working in partnership with the public and private sectors of California, Louisiana and Texas to produce safe and effective medical solutions for a changing modern world. Company: Benchmark Research Contact: Madelyn Rascoe Website: