Issue 11 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 35 WhiteKnight Lawyershasbeen trustedby insolvencypractitioners, high- net wealth individuals, other lawyers and law firms, farms and studs, private lenders, medical and health professionals, and businesses which operate within the small and medium-sized enterprises. This means the team has worked across many industries with ease, applying the same principles and values to each engagement. Many engagements for Mr. Hanna and his team come from word- of-mouth referrals, including past and existing clients. The minimal marketing and advertising footprint means that costs remain low for both the team and their clients. This means that the team are seen by potential clients as a firm with an established track record of success as well as one with the trust of an existing client or referrer. It makes what White Knight Lawyers offers - an affordable and accessible law firm capable of offering premium full-service legal support - even more special. The corporate and commercial world needs support that is efficient, reliable, and transparent as far as possible. When White Knight Lawyers takes on an engagement, they do so in the knowledge that their actions will have a major impact on the circumstances of their clients. The key values of being diligent, intelligent, and affordable have allowed Mr. Hanna to inspire incredible growth and success for the business as they act carefully to support the needs of their clients. Many in the industry think they must choose between quality and price, but White Knight Lawyers has bridged the gap for many. Their offering is an enviable value proposition for the quality of legal services being performed. The team has acted in proceedings before the Federal Court of Australia, Supreme Court of New South Wales, Supreme Court of Victoria, District Court of New South Wales, the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Such incredible experience is only possible thanks to a team of lawyers and administrative staff who are effortlessly able to adapt to new ideas and arenas while providing a premium service. Those who are employed at White Knight Lawyers reflect Mr. Hanna’s own attitude to the industry, demonstrating exceptional qualities across a range of areas including ethical standards, competence across various areas of law, critical thinking, adaptability, cooperation, and leadership. When Mr. Hanna set up White Knight Lawyers, he did so with the intention of bringing to clients what he had seen in top-tier traditional law firms at a competitive price. The work he has undertaken across a variety of industries has allowed him to set his organisation apart from the crowd, which has been key to the team’s incredible success. Sep21275 Company: White Knight Lawyers Name: Meena Hanna Email: Web: Knights in Shining Armour ince opening its doors in 2018, White Knight Lawyers has enjoyed phenomenal success within Australia’s legal system. Though small in size, the range of services the team provides allow them to punch well above their weight as a worthy competitor to many of the country’s largest law firms. With the capacity to offer effectively full- service provision to clients, they are in high demand indeed. Much of this success is down to the firm’s founding principal, Meena Hanna. Mr. Hanna has brought a decade of experience working with some of Australia’s most illustrious law firms to those who need it most. Through White Knight Lawyers, he has been able to offer not only the high standards that these titans of the industry set, but a closer and more personal touch that provides the much-needed security that many are looking for in their legal partners. S Corporations law is immensely complex and requires a sharp legal mind to cut through the red tape. The team at White Knight Lawyers are often called upon for their legal expertise and the firm’s principal, Meena Hanna, was named Leading Restructuring and Insolvency Lawyer of the Year, Australia in Acquisition International’s Leading Adviser awards. We thought it time to take a closer look at the secrets of his success.