Issue 11 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 37 Company: PAX Migration Australia Contact: Constantine Paxinos Website: A Winning Formula for Visa Application Advice migration agency that found its start in 2013 with assisting international students and other migrants to obtain the correct Australian visas, PAX Migration Australia has developed a reputation for being thorough, comprehensive, and diligent. Fundamentally, it aims to ensure that everyone can exercise their right to travel, and their right to move across borders with minimal fuss, having seen first-hand the difficulty that many international students face when it comes to navigating the visa process. In this manner, the founder, Christina Katsouri-Paxinos, wished to lend her aid to these students in order to show them that they are welcome, and that visa application doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety. After having this revelation regarding the additional aid that those trying to find their way through visa applications might need, Christina trained as a Registered Migration Agent in order to set up PAX Migration Australia under the most watertight credentials, bring herself reliability and the company credibility. Furthermore, she was determined to ensure that PAX Migration Australia would be able to provide immigration assistance and advice for fair prices, without A compromising the high-quality service that she and her team have been determined to make possible. Constantine Paxinos joined Christina in her venture in the initial stages of the business to help her achieve this. Together, the two began to take the company forward to greater heights of success as he too earned his RMA status, and both found their interest piqued by legal work, allowing PAX Migration Australia to become a successful business mainstay in the Australian corporate ecosystem, and a recognisable name amongst travel and migratory advice services. Often, it has clients go on to leave it outstanding reviews and refer it to peers and fellow students, allowing its customer base to grow naturally alongside its team of dedicated and skilled individuals. Excellence is a core pillar of this business’s success, and both the company’s leaders take an active leadership role in order to influence this. With an in-depth understanding of how much of migration is planning for the future, it works alongside its clients to devise a plan that suits them, with bespoke and personable solutions that allow visa preparation and appeals to bemade on behalf of the client. Furthermore, it also helps South Australian employers to meet their skilled workforce needs, and from the initial info gathering to case management and the application’s competition, a client can expect an empathic, sensitive, understanding service from PAX Migration Australia. It also boasts an innovative fee structure. In short, this allows clients to proceed with applications without worry about finances; this alongside investing the savings it makes from removing the bloatware from its work allow it to be truly client focused, and to set itself apart from the competition. Moreover, making sure that each of these operational elements happen flawlessly is the team behind it, the PAX Migration Australia employees, each of whom are the face of the business and shape the exemplary services that its clients have come to expect. Its staff each hold capabilities and perspectives that make them expert in their fields, and with agility, collaboration, support, leadership, teamwork, innovation, and more, it has been able to weather all challenges that come its way, looking forward to the outcome of the current paradigm shift. Essentially, Australia has been forced to realise the value of overseas migrants, and PAX Migration Australia looks forward to seeing where this takes the country next as it continues to invest in its staff, its clients, and its industry. PAX Migration Australia, the ‘Leading Corporate Migration and Visa Services Consultancy of the Year’ for Australia, has made itself a migration and visa applications advice company with a pedigree for excellence. Operating with a client-first mentality, a dedication to creating the easiest and most cost-effective visa applications process possible, and a team of dedicated and empathetic staff members who are always willing to go above and beyond for a customer, it is truly leading from the front in its industry. Sep21274