Issue 11 2021

38 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 Sep21293 The Legal Connective Tissue of the Corporate World Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd, a company that is currently focusing on a professional move towards data protection law, personal information protection law, and an information technology management package, is a Chinese company that has become a front-runner in the international world. Despite this pivot, it reassures its clients that it will be continuing to provide its turnkey international business solutions, such as the work that has allowed to become accredited as the ‘Leading Cross-Border Corporate Transactions Advisory of the Year’ for its nation. roviding turnkey solutions for international and enterprise level companies, Horizons Corporate Advisory Co Ltd operates in the field of legal, tax, and accountancy in order to enrich and streamline the professional experience for its customers. Fundamentally, its professional staff span the gap between local expertise and international law, showing how the two when merged can create an exemplary, comprehensive knowledge base that advances cross-border investments in a huge way. In this manner, its investments are comprehensively compliant as well as exhaustive in content, considering all geopolitical law and regional regulation in order to ensure the investor always feels in control of the investment, able to address local, national, and international issues quickly and effectively. Furthermore, Horizons also ensures that all issues are addressed in the investor’s native language. With nearly 40 years of experience in this industry and operating in such an incredibly professional manner that is enhancing its client’s experience within its sector as a whole, its seasoned professionals advise clients from the perspective of a ‘one team, one focal point, one purpose’ approach. Due to this, it has made a name for itself in being able to allow clients to seize opportunities in unfamiliar jurisdictions. Moreover, being client-focused professionals who are recognised across the board primarily for its dedication, tenacity, and bucking of the traditional trends of its industry that skew more towards traditional- listening, executing-invoicing, and similar solutions, Horizons rejects the superficial in order to dig deep. In this way, it makes sure that when working with a client, it gains an in-depth and wholesale idea of them as a business. This covers everything from their goals and values to their roadmap to success, allowing Horizons to make itself a partner to their professional furtherment as a business and allowing the client to be sure that they are putting their trust in a corporate transactions advisor that will help them achieve the best results. Its communications ethos, therefore, has a centralised focus on accessible intelligence. This means communicating with a client in a way that isn’t bloated by jargon or unnecessary details, streamlining its work in order to keep all interactions relevant, engaging, and directly useful for the client’s case. Critically, this principle has ensured that P Horizons has developed an exemplary reputation for transparency, and that each of its staff are cultivating a reputation for insight, intellect, and solutions-oriented work that delivers excellence every time. Emboldened by the values of employee collaboration, engagement, and development, its staff benefit from a diverse environment of team players that are working together to pull client and company alike through the trials of Covid-19. Essentially, Horizons doesn’t just practice law. It understands real-world challenges and seeks to help people overcome them, putting its money where its mouth is to know employer obligations for creating a Covid-19 safe workplace, stabilising cashflow, protecting foreign investments, and leveraging earmarked financial loans, looking forward to putting all of this effort towards its move into data protection law and personal information law. Company: Horizons (Shanghai) Corporate Advisory Co., Ltd Contact: Dr Roberto GILARDINO Email: Website: