Issue 11 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 41 Sep21380 Innovation, Creativity, Results ituated in Mexico City, Sámano Abogados, S.C.’s legal professionals strive to provide opportune, useful and comprehensive advice to support the demanding decision making process that their clients assume every day. The Sámano Abogados team, led by founder Rafael Sámano, applies their profound industry knowledge and technical skills in services covering corporate law (anticorruption, contracts, compliance, merger and acquisitions, corporate governance, foreign investment, and company law), administrative law, and regulated sectors. Since the firm was established in 2001, it has remained true to its mission: to creatively innovate the legal services model to achieve better results, to constantly challenge the old ways of the traditional firm to better adapt to the changing environment that all business models are facing today, and to become a trusted partner and a valuable long- term asset to their clients. A large cache of international corporations continues to fuel the growth experienced recently by this firm. As such, Sámano Abogados implements its years of shared industry experience and talent into the delivery of outstanding service yielding reliable solutions that meet expectations. By collaborating with clients through the technological platform and means of choice, the firm focuses on understanding the timing, scope and nature of the client’s request or challenge, and is able to deploy the appropriate resources, as needed. Assets are directed toward performing specific tasks under a functional, collaborative model that focuses on delivering efficiency and value. Team members operate on a results-driven, goal- oriented basis, centred around the client’s needs. Not on any required billing standard. Breaking the inherent conflict of interest between billing and service is a cornerstone of the innovative model of this firm. Transforming the traditional legal services business model is an adaptive need unavoidable in today’s exceptional market dynamics. The same dedication that Sámano Abogados applies to its clients applies to its pro bono work. In collaboration with Appleseed, an S organisation dedicated to strengthening justice through its network offices throughout Mexico, the firm has participated in various projects that have supporte the development of social causes and civil organisations. Notably, in 2019, Ms. Luz María Tamés Peña, the firm’s Legal Coordinator of Pro Bono Work won the Pro Bono Career Award by Appleseed. “We believe that in the context of the pandemic, more than ever, pro bono work must be addressed as the work for which we are paid,” says Rafael Sámano, Managing Partner of Sámano Abogados, who takes great pride in the pro bono work he has undertaken and promotes amongst colleagues within Sámano Abogados and beyond. The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed changed the way a lot of businesseswithin the legal market services operate and has presented many challenges across Mexico and beyond. Sámano Abogados has adapted seamlessly to overcome these challenges, instead focusing on the new opportunities being created by the pandemic and resultant lockdowns, beginning with the consolidation and strengthening of all their service areas and technological solutions. In addition, the firm is continuing to invest in the technological tools that have been introduced not recently into the organisation, taking advantage of the increased communication and level of response that it has given the firm. These technological innovations include the ability to work remotely and the communication that facilitates the creation of effective and productive relationships with national and international clients. The digital perceptions shared by the entire organisation, from the general manager to the interns, have given Sámano Abogados the ability to offer its clients cutting-edge and relevant legal advice, provided through convenient and advanced platforms. As the legal services sector continues to evolve at an exponential rate, Sámano Abogados is developing accordingly, regularly training its staff to be of the highest standards, both personally and professionally. As a result, its legal services for clients reflect the level of excellence with which the firm is managed and the ethics it instils to create socially responsible lawyers. As such, Sámano Abogados remains the first choice for national and international clients who are seeking honest and effective solutions to even the most complex corporate legal and administrative issues. Company: Sámano Abogados, SC Contact: Luz Maria Tames Peña Email: Website: Sámano Abogados, S.C. is a firm of professionals who apply their knowledge and skills with a practical, integrated and multidisciplinary vision. They are dedicated to providing clients with cost-effective business solutions that facilitate the achievement of their corporate objectives and goals. In light of the company being recognised by Acquisition International magazine as Leading Full-Service Corporate and Administrative Law Firm of the Year – Mexico, we take a closer look at the firm. Situated in Mexico City, Sámano Abogados, S.C.’s legal professionals strive to provide opportune, useful and comprehensive advice to support the demanding decision making process that their clients assume every day.