Issue 11 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 43 Company: Accentia Franchise Consultants Contact: Paul Mitchell Email: Website: Franchising Expertise ccentia Franchise Consultants works with clients across multiple industries, including education, hospitality, business, financial, care, tourism, food and more, from its offices in London, Leeds, Northampton, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Nottingham, Cambridge, Manchester, Gatwick, Beaconsfield, Bristol, Plymouth, Belfast, Dublin, Lisbon, Johannesburg, and all of the Middle East and India from their office Dubai. It is unique in the way it operates, offering a complete turnkey franchise service including a full recruitment programme which finds, recruits and hires franchisees for clients. It also matches potential franchisees with the ideal franchise opportunity to suit their goals, needs and skills. Currently, there are no other franchise consultants that offer a full start-to-finish service, which is why Accentia’s clients work in partnership with it, as it knows exactly what works to help them achieve a successful franchise network. Accentia has multiple departments that carry out different day-to- day tasks to help contribute to the overall success of the company. Its marketing team creates ads, manages its email marketing, and creates documentation (the Prospectus and Franchise Information Memorandum) for clients. Its technical team writes and creates clients’ operation manuals, and further documentation including Intent to Proceed letters and Franchise Agreements. The lead development team follows up on the leads the company receives through its marketing channels and then liaises with prospects to arrange a time to learn more about a particular franchise. Then, its Directors work alongside clients to help them recruit new franchisees and further develop business plans and goals for the development of a franchise network. Accentia’s people are passionate about helping other businesses to thrive and they go above and beyond to provide for clients, working effectively as a team as well as independently in order to develop solutions to challenges. Its teams work brilliantly together to reach a shared goal of success for both the business and its clients. Company CEO, Paul Mitchell also co-authored the bestselling book, ‘Franchising Freedom’, where he shares his strategies and insights for finding the right franchise as well as building and growing a sustainable franchise network. There is no doubt that franchise industry is booming, currently contributing £17 billion to the UK economy. COVID-19 has encouraged A Multi-award-winning Accentia Franchise Consultants is made up of specialist franchising experts and creates lucrative networks across the UK and internationally. Its goal is to boost its client’s businesses through franchising, dramatically increasing their earning potential and increasing their value, and it has helped over 100 exclusive brands to achieve this. In recognition of its hard work and commitment, Acquisition International has awarded the firm as Leading Full-Service Franchise Development Consultancy of the Year, United Kingdom. Sep21389 more people to look at alternative career paths and as a result, there has been huge market growth due to employment uncertainty across a wide range of sectors. However, the pandemic did impact Accentia like every other business. Some clients understandably paused or cancelled their contracts with the company due to the effects the pandemic had on their business. Nobody could have predicted the pandemic, but as mentioned earlier, it also gave people new perspectives on their careers and goals and as a result, some people became franchisees. Now focusing on the rest of 2021 and beyond, Accentia is pleased to announce the launch of a new aggregation website which aims to support brands to expand their franchise network whilst also matching potential franchisees with their perfect and most suitable franchise. The Accentia team is highly knowledgeable about the franchise world and has built some unrivalled connections in the industry – with this in mind, they are passionate about helping businesses and budding entrepreneurs to achieve success through franchising. Company: Accentia Franchise Consultants Contact: Paul Mitchell Email: Website: