Issue 11 2021

44 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 Sep21393 The Law Firm Always in its Client’s Corner riminal Defence Lawyers Australia, a law firm with over 20 years of experience in being one of the best in the business for its region, has made a name for itself by completing cases in a client-first manner and being backed up by the best depth and breadth of legal knowledge. Exclusively, Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia is amongst the top legal companies in the country for its stunning track record. In all of its years of operation, it holds one of the most spotless portfolios of work available for viewing, with a penchant for getting charges dropped early and securing section 10 non-convictions, as well as not-guilty verdicts all across local, district, and supreme courts. By working in such a diversity of different courts and taking its duty to each of them incredibly seriously, it has made itself a highly trusted and pivotal cornerstone of the Australian legal ecosystem, boasting a roster of brilliantly educated and highly tenacious lawyers within its ranks. Furthermore, as highly respected experts in the field of criminal law, each of these staff members have in turn been individually commended. As a company, Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia has appeared and featured in popular television shows, on radio talk back shows, and in newspaper articles, often called upon to give its expert opinion on various complex and high-profile cases. It has also personally overseen such cases, and so knows the intrinsic workings of them incredibly well. When it comes to each C Being the ‘Leading Specialist Criminal Defence Lawyer of the Year’ for Australia, Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia has worked hard to secure its position at the top of its industry. Working within all scales of court and with over 20 years of experience, this firm holds one of the most spotless track records for getting charges against a client dropped early, utilising an incredibly array of talents and skills to thoroughly examine the case’s details and achieve a result the client is satisfied with. Company: Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia Contact: Jimmy Singh Website: and every case, it will get to know the details intimately as it works, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the client, the situation, and the legal challenges at hand; it then puts all of this in perspective by talking its client through how the situation will be handled in court. From the excellence of the collaborative working process to the in- depth knowledge of all levels of legislation that run through the core of Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia, its specialist lawyers each handle a myriad of different capabilities and legal challenges. These cover a wide range of different criminal and traffic law cases. For example, it has handled complex drug importation and large commercial supply issues, complex fraud, money laundering, proceeds of criminal activity, armed robbery, assault, drug possession, drunk driving and general traffic charges. Furthermore, within each of these categories, it is critically aware how each individual factor and variable will break the case down into yet more fractals, but it promises that no matter how complicated the case may be, it will have both the expert and the tenacity to see it through. Undaunted by a challenge, its senior defence lawyers have perfected the art of maximising the chance to get charges dropped early, showing their incredible level of professional acumen when thoroughly examining evidence, pointing out holes in police cases, and utilising the full force of their experienced and tactful negotiations abilities. Capable, realistic, and thorough, a client can always expect the best of the best with Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia.