Issue 11 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 49 Integrated Employment Law and Leadership Development Having made a name for itself as the ‘Leading Specialist Labour and Employment Lawyer of the Year’ in Australia, People + Culture Strategies has secured its place as a law firm with a difference. Operating in a totally unique manner that integrates employment legislative advice and bespoke management training, this company makes itself an invaluable asset in its client’s arsenal, securing lifelong business relationships that will help the client reach the next milestone. Sep21525 eople + Culture Strategies is Australia’s most unique labour and employment firm. Fundamentally, as it is the only firm that integrates a full specialist law firm with a management consultancy business, it sets itself apart from the crowd whilst offering comprehensive and totally unique solutions. Many Australian companies, taking full advantage of the uniqueness of PCS’s position, come to it for their more complex and sensitive matters in order to have them handled in an elegant, sophisticated, and empathic way that will result in an outcome that suits the clients’ goals and treats all parties with respect. This, it finds, is one of the most important things about its role; it is trusted as an integral part of a process that many commercial law firms cannot handle on the personal level it has cultivated, and so the firm has not lost a single case in any Commission, Tribunal, or Court for the over 11 years since its inception. Led by exemplary leading mind Joydeep Hor, the personnel at PCS have also developed their own personal renown. Operating with diligence and tenacity across the board, the record for excellence that it has set has not been matched by any other Australian law firm in that period, and unlike many traditional law firms in its sector, PCS operates across two different areas. Firstly, it handles a thriving practice in workplace investigations, and secondly, it offers bespoke leadership development and compliance programmes. P In the latter segment, PCS conducts webinars and seminars on a per- team member basis, and these are well-regarded by its wider industry as being invaluable opportunities for learning and professional growth, as PCS often uses these segments to show legal updates and developments in thought leadership. Moreover, these are usually attended by over 100 individuals at any one time, and the buzz about them spreads quickly, meaning tickets are snapped up fast. This culture of sharing information and making it accessible to so many through education and training is so important to PCS, and this is something it also extends out to its clients. Furthermore, with the core of transparency and honestly at its heart, it treats every one of them like a partner in business rather than just a client, and works in collaboration with each and every one of them in order to make itself the lifelong business contact for all of their employment legislation needs. In this manner, it measures its success by ‘touch points’. These show just how many solid connections PCS has made over its time in operation and within various different companies, and it is incredibly proud of how many it has accrued by earning the trust of its market segment, showcasing the talent of the legal professionals that represent its brand and follow its values of positivity, innovation, expertise, collaboration, efficiency, and service. Although it is a small firm, it wishes to instil its values across each element of its operation, and this has helped it remain bustling despite the challenges of the pandemic as it helps to blaze the way towards a bright future for its sector. Company: People + Culture Strategies Contact: Joydeep Hor Website: