Issue 11 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 51 Sep21645 Company: Abecasis, Moura Marques & Associados (AAMM) Contact: Paulo de Moura Marques Email: Website: Experience, Rigor, Innovation ince its establishment a decade ago, Abecasis, Moura Marques & Associados has become one of the 30 most-valued (by revenue) law firms in the country, with the highest profit-per- equity-partner in the Portuguese market as per the Iberian Lawyer survey. It is a firm known for winning its cases with care, with it being of paramount importance to understand the legal market and to be able to adapt to clients’ needs. For example, there has been an increasing need for mobility, both in terms of procedures and on being available nearer to clients, and this had led to changes in the classical structure of a law firm. AAMM clients are very diverse. It provides services to a wide range of entities, from public sector to fortune 500 companies. It continues to be focused on industry sectors as it believes that assistance to the client must be based on a significant knowledge of the sector in order to avoid providing legal advice that is too generic to be of good use AAMM works to acquire significant knowledge on a few specific areas, to then expand onto other adjacent industries. S Abecasis, Moura Marques & Associados (AAMM) is recognised for its expertise in the public law and litigation field. 10 years after the firm’s founding, it has made its mark on the industry – and it has been recognised by Acquisition International as Leading Public Procurement and Administrative Law Firm of the Year – Portugal. Join us as we explore the impact that AAMM has made. AAMM’s team has the capacity to develop their existing skills under pressure, within a timely fashion. They are dedicated to delivering excellence and developing solutions for the present and strategies for the future. The team is recognised for its rigor, efficiency, quick responses and demonstrated results. They maintain the client’s trust by constantly sharing updates on their case and remaining focused on their needs. Ultimately, the team strives to exceed client expectations, by delivering outstanding legal services in an innovative, knowledgeable and flexible way. At the heart of its culture is ensuring that the doors of justice are open to all members of society. Company: Abecasis, Moura Marques & Associados (AAMM) Contact: Paulo de Moura Marques Email: Website: