Issue 11 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 55 Modern Solutions for Modern Times Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has become an intrinsic part of many businesses but managing all these different applications can be a challenge for organizations. Named Most Innovative SaaS Application Management Platform 2021 – Canada in Acquisition International’s 2021 Global Excellence Awards for their work in this region, we take a closer look at how Augmentt gives their clients greater control and visibility over their entire SaaS environment. Sep21739 o matter what the product, it’s essential that businesses understand and stay on top of how their company data is being used. This becomes a greater challenge with SaaS, as products change and grow over time. To manage a business’s SaaS ecosystem, it pays to turn to a team who have experience not only in giving their customers greater visibility and control over their entire SaaS ecosystem, but in helping them to secure and protect valuable company data. The adoption of SaaS by companies means that instead of installing and maintaining software, businesses access products on the cloud and only need to pay for a service as and when they need it. Founded in 2020, Augmentt provides a modern solution to this modern challenge. Never before has cloud software been such an integral part of so many businesses, and never before has there been such high expectations to manage and secure this growing sector. Augmentt takes the strain away from companies that need to reach the highest quality of compliance and security. For instance, in both financial services and healthcare, there is a need to match the standards of impressive regulations. Due to the lack of control inherent in the deployment of SaaS applications, MSPs and their end customers are incredibly vulnerable from a security and compliance perspective. As the team raises awareness of this vulnerability, they offer a solution through their suite of SaaS security & management products. As a relatively new company, Augmentt has been able to create a situation where its staff can flourish. They work across many operations and have been crucial to the success of this fast growing company. During the last few months, the nature of the team’s work has changed considerably, and has depended on the staff’s ability to thrive in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. This flexibility has allowed the team to work remotely throughout the pandemic, with individuals based in hubs in Ottawa, Vancouver, and throughout the U.S. While the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for many, it has allowed Augment to grow exponentially as the demand for a SaaS security & management platform has risen. As many businesses shifted to suit the current demand, they wanted to reduce the risks associated with the increasing number of SaaS applications in use. With the use of the Augmentt platform, businesses were able to take full and direct control of their products. The progress Augmentt has made has been astonishing, with rapid growth during the first year of operations that saw the team double N its customer base. Now established in Canada, the team is looking to deploy their services internationally in the months ahead. With the recent release of Augmentt Secure, a new product that enables MSPs to generate security threat reports for their clients, closely monitor security policies like Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enrolment and follow industry best practices to fully lock down Microsoft 365. Augmentt Secure allows MSPsto take a preventative approach to significantly reduce the risk of security breaches, data loss and cyber-attacks well before it can materialize. The potential of SaaS is unparalleled within the industry, but excitement must be tempered by the need to ensure security for all concerned. As a company that was launched with the goal of giving MSPs complete visibility and control over their SaaS products, it’s clear that they are not just innovators in the industry but well on their way to securing new and unprecedented levels of success. Company: Augmentt Name: Derik Belair, CEO Email: Web Address: