Issue 11 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 57 inception, it has delivered professional corporate advisory services relating to the registration of trademark and creative design, copyright, industrial design, patents, and processing business applications for ISOs for clients in various industries all over the region. Outstanding as a truly sterling example of going above and beyond for the client, the team at Ipman offer a one-stop-shop for excellent services in creative design, corporate consultancy, and branding advice. Companies today often require specialised consultancy for such services, and the team at Ipman is all too happy to offer it. With convenient, knowledgeable, and actionable advice, the firm can help companies protect their vital assets in an increasingly technology- savvy era. Back to the origins of the firm thirteen years ago, its team was having to approach clients door to door, but it now finds that clients from different industries approach it through recommendation of previous clients. This shows extensive growth and success, with its audience recognising that it is a firm to be trusted and relied on. Ipman’s staff form the backbone of its ongoing success, working diligently and determinedly every day to help clients with all their intellectual property needs. As the most important part of Ipman’s existence, the staff work tirelessly alongside clients to determine any intangible assets and solve protection needs necessary for long-term future growth. However, protecting intellectual property does not come without challenges. The world today is a fast-moving and technology- oriented place, so remaining at the forefront of the latest industry developments is paramount in ensuring suitable services are delivered. Artificial intelligence in particular represents the latest leap in technological advancement. Therefore, that is where the team at Ipman are focusing their research efforts. By arming themselves with the knowledge around how artificial intelligence may factor into new IP applications, the team at Ipman is staying ahead of the competition and delivering excellent services. As new developments are made in industries all over the world, the fusion of technology with creativity has given birth to more new ideas than ever before. Protecting these ideas is an absolute necessity for many companies, and that is exactly what Ipman does through its exemplary services. Enabling companies to pursue their creativity and chase exciting new ideas, Ipman is fully deserving of its award- winning success, and the future accolades it will no doubt achieve with it global excellence. Sep21766 Company: Ipman Global Intellect Sdn. Bhd. Contact: Low Chee Keong Email: Website: Intellectual Property Protection eadquartered strategically in Singapore, Ipman Global Intellect Sdn. Bhd. has become a pioneer within intellectual property services for companies operating across the region, as well as one of the largest specialised companies in the Iskandar Economic Zone of Malaysia. The parent Ipman group also functions as a professional IP consultant for many public-listed companies throughout the world. Offering a wealth of professional services, companies across Malaysia, Singapore, and further afield can take full advantage of the firm’s expertise in intellectual property. The founder of Ipman is a registered member of the Malaysia Intellectual Property Corporation, and the Singapore Intellectual Property Office, ensuring the most up-to-date knowledge. Ipman is a global leader in IP protection, providing a consistent and persistent performance for business and individuals alike. With professional IP knowledge, the firm aims to benefit organisations, corporations, companies, and sole proprietors alike in the protection of their intellectual property across the entire world. Since the firm’s H Established in 2008, Ipman Global Intellect Sdn. Bhd. provides intellectual property services to clients such as intellectual property awareness, intellectual property protection, intellectual property evaluation, and intellectual property enforcement. The firm has been recognised by Acquisition International as Leading Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement Advisor of the Year, Malaysia, so we take a closer look.