Issue 11 2021

6 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 Oct21084 The American Dream For potential business owners, franchising is the ideal way to open the door to independence. The team at Frannexus are specialists in the field, offering their unparalleled knowledge to support clients. Named Leading Franchise Acquisition and Development Specialists of the Year, USA in Acquisition International’s Leading Advisor awards, we thought we’d take a look at some of the secrets of this team’s inimitable success. he United States of America is built on the ideals of the American Dream. The idea of a place where anyone, no matter who they are or where they come from, can thrive and reach their fullest potential is one that people still aspire to. Through hard work and determination, they can achieve greatness. The COVID-19 pandemic has unsettled many established norms across numerous industries. People have become less confident in their work or have lost their jobs altogether. The idea of starting their own business is one of the ways in which they can recapture some of the ambition of the American Dream. For many, however, the uncertainties involved in establishing a business make it an impossible prospect, particularly in these uncertain times. To build a brand and identity that can go toe to toe with larger competitors is no mean feat, but franchising is a way to be part of something greater while still maintaining a degree of independence. Franchising offers an enormous boost for those who want to become independent. Under the aegis of a larger business, individuals or investors can open a business while maintaining a support network that can guide you to success. By buying into a successful brand from a willing franchisor, the chances of a business failing diminish significantly. There is an impressive market for this which makes it a different sort of challenge – with so many options, which one is best? Frannexus represents over 350 vetted brands across the USA and is uniquely qualified to match their demands with the dreams of their clients. The team has no obligation to sell a specific franchise; instead, they empower others to find a solution that fits them and their needs. With a wealth of different operating styles, from semi- passive to owner-operator models, there is something for everyone at Frannexus. The team works with organizations of every sort, from nationally recognized businesses like SuperCuts and Meineke to emerging brands that are only just getting started. Franchisees who turn to Frannexus could potentially be part of a rapidly growing enterprise such as Orange Theory or Budget Blinds. No two franchises are alike, and an enormous range of companies work with Frannexus. Each is carefully vetted to ensure that they will offer the guidance and support that franchisees need. The decision to become a franchisee depends on many different factors. Experience, goals, and budget play practical concerns, but starting a business also requires consideration of the passion an individual might have for the industry and their lifestyle requirements. The Frannexus team works closely with clients from the start to truly understand what they want and need and establish if these dreams T are best achieved through franchising. When it comes to exploring so many different options, it pays to work alongside partners who know what questions to ask and get the necessary answers across multiple business models and industry sectors. Over the years, the Frannexus team has worked with hundreds of clients, walking by their side as they explore the various options surrounding whether or not franchise business ownership is the right decision for them at that time. As mentioned before, the team’s loyalty is not to the franchisors but potential franchisees and business owners. They offer the tools necessary to succeed, but they never push another organization’s plan on their clients. Being able to maintain this level of trust rewarded Frannexus immensely over the years. Their reputation is unsurpassed. Needless to say, they are not just a franchising matchmaker but trusted advisors who ensure that their clients know for sure if operating a franchise is right for them. For those who are just entering the industry, or perhaps just considering the possibility, the wisdom of others is an invaluable tool. The Frannexus team has simplified an incredibly complex process into one which is more streamlined and directed towards getting a great result for all concerned. With over 4,000 different opportunities on the table from around the USA, finding a way to narrow down the options is essential. For Frannexus, the process begins with a psychometric assessment. This generates a business owner profile that can then predict client compatibility, future performance potential, and cultural alignment with franchise brands. From this information, the team can establish not only what areas to explore but also which areas they must avoid. It’s a powerful resource that sets Frannexus’ way of working apart from the competition and allows a great deal of the advice given incredibly personalized. Powerful psychographic assessment tools are part of Frannexus’ commitment to treating each new client as thoroughly unique. As no two people are the same, the advice given by the Frannexus team is always bespoke while being built on years of expertise within the industry. When it comes to running your own business and taking control, a need to be passionate about it and sustain interest and momentum for years is vital. That’s why, beyond the impressive knowledge of the team, Frannexus considers their client’s personalities first and foremost. The ability of the team to provide such a tailored service is part of the reason why so many continue to turn to them for support to this day. Historically, franchises have taken all sorts of shapes and sizes. Where some will thrive in a “bricks-and-mortar” store, others will