Issue 11 2021

60 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 Sep21923 Relocation and Immigration Assistance Relocation Services Holland (RSH) has been in the business of relocating employees to the Netherlands for almost 30 years. Veronique Haverhals-Hilders acquired the company in 2007 and has been its leading light ever since. Acquisition International has recognised her hard work over the years with the title of Leading Immigration, Relocation and Nationality Lawyer of the Year – Netherlands. We take a closer look at the formidable skills she brings to the table. RelocationServicesHolland takes pride in being one of the oldest relocation companies in the Netherlands which has, through many years of experience, built up a strong working relationship not only with an ever expanding client base, but with all relevant Dutch institutions, authorities and players on the housing market. With the company’s mission being to achieve high client satisfaction and repeat business for all of its services, the number one priority of RSH’s team of well-trained professional relocation counsellors is to ensure a smooth relocation with maximum care and minimum fuss. Being one of the largest local service providers in the Netherlands which is privately owned, RSH is a specialised provider of in-bound relocations to the Netherlands and works according to international quality standards, holding the Global Eura Quality Seal and the ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications. It services big RMCs, international companies and also private clients, having become a reliable partner for global players who expect only the highest quality of standards. It is thanks to RSH’s network of partners that its circle of clients is continually growing. RSH’s main asset in achieving its mission is its motivated and knowledgeable staff. Its people are supported by a healthy working environment, a strong technical infrastructure as well as effective working processes, which ensure the continual improving level and quality of its delivered services. It believes that the only way to achieve its high standards of services is through its excellent and dedicated team of professionals. Company Director, Veronique Haverhals-Hilders says, “Every day is a pleasure to work with them in developing our business and staying as one of the best.” Veronique has an international law and real estate background, so the business decision to obtain RSH was one proven to be the perfect match and professional challenge. Under her leadership, the team at RSH has been able to advise many organisations on how best to proceed, with immigration being such a complex field to work in. The expertise the RSH team brings is invaluable to many businesses; the costs associated with running a business are very high indeed, but by involving a firm such as RSH, they can save money in the long run. It takes the weight off the shoulders of any over worked human resources department and aims to remove any worries that may arise from an assignee’s immigration and destination processes. It’s not easy to keep up with the changing demands of the immigration system, which is why employing an expert team to handle the workload is vital. RSH acts as a part of your team structure, embedding itself in R the way that companies work in order to deliver the exceptional results that it has become renowned for. Needless to say, this commitment to customer satisfaction is what has allowed them to achieve such incredible results at every stage. With so much of the work that RSH undertakes involving people from an international background, the company considers it important that its staff reflect this too. As a result, many staff have worked and lived abroad for their work, allowing them to understand closely the challenges involved in moving aboard. To ensure the utmost quality in every decision made for a client, staff are recruited to satisfy the most stringent of professional and personal standards. Moving abroad is never easy, and RSH plays a crucial role in lightening the load for many businesses as they embrace the benefits of Holland in an increasingly international economy. The team has been essential to many businesses thriving in a new environment and they are always looking for more people to help. If you need help relocating and emigrating, these are the people to call first. Company: Relocation Services Holland Contact: Veronique Haverhals Email: Website: