Issue 11 2021

66 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 Judged as Exemplary by Every Measure Being the ‘Leading Employment Law and Contract Lawyer of the Year’ for Germany, Dieluweit Anwaltskanzlei is a notably personalised and highly tailored law services provider. Aiding its clients in all manner of contractual legal matters with highly knowledgeable and comprehensive services, this firm’s growing notoriety shows no sign of slowing. Reflecting on the past excellence that has propelled it into today’s spotlight, it tells us a little more about the current market and its place within it. ieluweit Anwaltskanzlei, a law firm that would like to consistently extend a warm welcome out towards its clients, boasts a comprehensive and friendly service that it has been in the process of honing since its inception. Fundamentally, this company has never been one to rest on its laurels. Dedicated to making itself the best of the best, its legal work is backed up by a comprehensive and highly impressive base of knowledge that is shared amongst its expert team, all of whom are incredibly talented legal professionals with a depth and breadth of experience that makes their efforts second to none. At present, its work is involved with using emails as leverage in dismissal protection processes, full transparency register recommended by experts, virtual participation in works council meetings permitted, and so much more, each case benefitting from the diligence and standard of work that Dieluweit Anwaltskanzlei infuses into its every move. Furthermore, when it comes to its relevant economic areas, a client can expect to benefit from friendly and worldly advice that isn’t bogged down by endless jargon. Where it can, it will always work hard to explain to a client as much or as little as they wish to know, working primarily with small and medium sized enterprises in order to help them push past the challenges of the initial years of business. In this manner, it has successfully made itself an indispensable partner to so many of client’s businesses, advising them with a consistent focus on finding an economically sound solution that will enable them to go on to reach for their next business milestone. It isalsoexpert ingivingadvice to familybusinessesandentrepreneurial families, collaborating with its clients in order to ensure that the client’s interests are represented and cared for. Critically – and by operating in this manner – Dieluweit Anwaltskanzlei is able to get to know its clients on an interpersonal and friendly level, taking the stress and concern out of legal work and making it as easy a process as possible across the board. Usually, most of its clients come from Germany, but it also serves clients from further afield, as well as demanding private clients who require incredibly specific and highly tailored services that Dieluweit Anwaltskanzlei is always proud to provide. Marc H. Dieluweit, the founder of Dieluweit Anwaltskanzlei, focuses in on Chapter 43 when it comes to the implementation of workplace elements, material resources, and IT infrastructure. By approaching this topic from a lean management perspective, he has made himself able to give his clients a detailed overview of what is involved with lean management, its direct benefits, and the goals, tools, and methods D Sep21301 often found within it as a medium. Using examples to appropriately describe this structural boon to his clients, he shows the in-depth individual process optimizations that he has been able to implement within his legal department, excited to use this research to fortify the businesses of many more clients going forward. Company: Dieluweit Anwaltskanzlei Contact: Marc Dieluweit Website: