Issue 11 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 67 Company: VigiTrust Contact: Oriane Masson Web: Compliance Management for a Changing Future igiTrust, an award-winning Integrated Risk management solutions provider that can handle everything from PCI to GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and VRM, is granting new ways to handle cyber accountability. Fundamentally, by taking a strategic view of cybersecurity over an operational one, it was founded by Mathieu Gorge in 2003, and has since grown by expanding the exemplary solutions it offers to its ever-growing roster of customers across its flagship office in Dublin and support offices in New York and Paris. Being a pioneering company in compliance and cyber defence has enabled it to become a foremost voice in the field of governance, risk, and compliance. In essence, this has resulted in 18 years of building its backlog of experience and satisfied customers, listening to its client’s needs at every turn and rising to address any questions, comments, or concerns that they might have in the backdrop of a changeable regulatory environment. By keeping a finger on the pulse of the industry’s dynamic changes, the three factors of governance, risk, and compliance that form VigiTrust’s through line have become cornerstones of its portfolio. Moreover, by facilitating a unique insight by way of its advisory board – a board that holds meetings every six weeks to ensure that everything is on track and up to speed – its clients can benefit from being partnered with a company that truly understands its field and the implications this field will have. VigiTrust’s global clients also use its flagship product, the SaaS tool VigiOne, in order to prepare for, validate, and manage compliance issues alongside legal and industrial frameworks with sophistication and ease. Vigione, in this manner, is VigiTrust’s claim to fame. Having propelled this company into the world’s spotlight with its proven solutions covering privacy, data security, and information guidance, VigiTrust has earned clients across a myriad of different industries from retail hospitality, as well as banking, PSP, and assessor’s industries in over 120 different countries. Its thinktank of experts, researchers, security professionals, compliance experts, law enforcement, regulators, and more all lend their unique perspectives to making the company – and the product – better by the day. Ensuring that it can always pass the returns on investments directly back to the client, it continually develops and innovates new features. VigiTrust’s roadmap to success is followed with military precision in order to ensure that it can remain at the head of the pack for its clientele, thriving in the busy space of the integrated risk management industry and incorporating full project management into its cyber security education platform, boasting over 250 training sections and a V -Having won the award for being the ‘Leading Integrated Risk Management and Data Security Solutions Provider of the Year, Republic of Ireland’, VigiTrust has been going from strength to strength in its industry. The founder, Mathieu Gorge, has made himself and his company a true cornerstone of industry of compliance management, securing the value of his company’ work and his own efforts, something which influenced his decision to publish a book on the subject entitled ‘The Cyber Elephant in the Boardroom’ in 2020. Sep21985 collaborative work platform. Everyone in the team, therefore, is highly trusted and capable. Fundamentally, each staff member carries specialisms that make them a unique and indispensable feature, striving to deliver accurate technologies and responses to help the companies maintain their compliance. During the pandemic, each of these people were as invaluable as ever, using its sophisticated ability to move quickly in order to respond, developing prognoses for how the crisis would impact the world and the industry as it reduced costs and focused on core solutions. Now, this flexibility has resulted in a solution that will allow clients to perform remote assessments, and the feedback it has received since its launch has been incredibly encouraging. Continuing to innovate and change the game long into the future, it will be focusing on its asset register, risk register, and dynamic domain as it moves forward into the rest of the decade, with the founder focusing on the promotion of his book, ‘The Cyber Elephant in the Boardroom’, published by Forbes Books in November of 2020.