Issue 11 2021

Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 69 A Listening Firm Engleharts Solicitors has made it a name for itself as a firm able to listen to its clients. In the world of property conveyance, they also stand apart as a clear and capable voice. In Acquisition International’s awards for Leading Adviser 2021, the firm was named Leading Commercial Property Conveyancing Law Firm of the Year, United Kingdom. We dig a little deeper into the secrets of the team’s success to find out more. Sep21391 hose who turn to Engleharts Solicitors do so because they want to work with the best of the best. They are focused purely on the challenges of business and personal law, allowing them to meet their clients’ needs with incredible depth and ability. This focus has built in an approach which values high standards and incredible clarity both in terms of the way the firm presents itself, and how the team communicate with their clients. Engleharts Solicitors has thrived as a result of this attitude, building up a highly skilled team, that collectively holds over 100 years of experience. Engleharts Solicitors is proud to be able to meet the specific requirements of its clients, pushing this experience into new territory so that they can continue to make a real difference to the way in which their customers operate. The needs of the customer are at the very heart of every decision made by the firm. By placing their requirements at the heart of the buildings they sell, any decisions made are done in their best interests. The team has grown to pride itself on the relationships that they have developed with customers. Even in the most complex of situations, customers turn to the Engleharts Solicitors team because they know that they can be trusted with secure and secret information. The aim of the team is to deliver advice not just within one case, but to become legal partners with their clients for life. Through earning this trust, the team are more likely to be chosen by clients to support them through complex projects such as the sale T of a property. Every property has a story behind it, and the value of this property must be understood in every sense of the word. Buildings carry not only a great deal of monetary wealth, but a wealth of memories and experiences too. No matter what the story behind a property, the team at Engleharts Solicitors are always on hand to ensure that any legal problems or pitfalls are safely avoided with their practical and technically accurate advice. The focus on business and personal law, specifically around property conveyancing, has been a major boon to Engleharts Solicitors. The team know the value of their client’s property, not just in a financial sense, but on a personal level too. The links built up over the years can be key when transforming a stressful and emotive time into one which is highly productive indeed. The team’s client-focused service has a long history of giving its staff much needed support in the form of exceptional advice that can be passed down the line to others. The incredible strength of Engleharts Solicitors comes not just from the top, but from the way in which the team interact with themselves and with their clients. Few other businesses take such pride in building a strong relationship with their clients. Their incredible ability is worth celebrating in Acquisition International’s Leading Adviser awards. We can’t wait to see what they do next. Company: Engleharts Solicitors Name: Angela Englehart Email: