Issue 11 2021

8 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2021 prefer the option to work remotely. While money is a major factor for many, the satisfaction of working in a role that satisfies is an important consideration. The Frannexus team knows their clients are looking for fulfillment in every sense of the word and that they might hold the key to securing that for them. The most successful franchises are the ones that have active owners who are engaged in their success. Too many people think that a franchise is an absentee proposition where they can simply hire staff to make it happen. All businesses need a great deal of care to ensure that they can thrive and grow to new heights of effectiveness. Even when the right franchisor has been selected, it’s important to undertake due diligence. The team at Frannexus has access to an incredible amount of information that many franchisors do not make publicly available, allowing their clients a unique insight into how a business operates. The tools used are designed to make the more profound investigation of franchise opportunities as painless and informative as possible. This includes a no-cost consultation with a franchise attorney. Having access to such a wide field of resources is a significant part of the team that has achieved such success. The accomplishments of Frannexus have been recognized numerous times over the years, including within the pages of Acquisition International. The team’s approach to their work, under the leadership of CEO Seth Lederman, is inspirational. At every level, their attitude trusts their team to deliver exceptional results and inspires the clients they are working for to aspire to even greater heights. The environment at Frannexus fosters growth and development at all times. Thanks to a flat organizational structure, everyone involved at Frannexus can use their own unique skills to enhance the company’s offering and be rewarded for their efforts as a result. The result is a team that loves their work and loves helping others to achieve their own visions of success. Many people who turn to Frannexus are looking for a career transition alternative or are investors looking to diversify their investment portfolio. A well-run franchise can offer formidable returns on initial investment if done right. The COVID-19 pandemic shook many people severely in terms of their life ambitions and in terms of their job security. While the concerns of the pandemic affected everyone significantly, the Frannexus team found an incredible increase in demand. 2020 saw the team support more clients to transition from jobs into business ownership than any year prior. The world flipped upside down for many of these people, and they wanted a sense of control. Those who suddenly found themselves working from home suddenly realized that they didn’t go back to the office. With attractive loans on offer from the SBA, many realized they didn’t have to either. The resources were on hand, and the opportunity for change presented itself. It was the chance to make a dream come true. The natural next step was to consult specialists in the field in the form of Frannexus. These people are typical of those who Frannexus has traditionally helped but in atypical circumstances. Entering into a brave new world is no easy task, and the assistance offered by the Frannexus team is an enormous help. Their expertise helps people to make better decisions in considerably less time. There’s no need to worry about whether or not you have been able to gather all the necessary information to make a decision – the Frannexus team have you covered on all fronts. Their exemplary work ethic and proven systems mean that you can move forward with total confidence. Choosing a franchise is not for everyone, and once the decision to take one on is made, it can be immensely challenging to identify the right franchise in what is such an individual path. The work of Frannexus does not just revolve around matching up a franchise opportunity with people but in ensuring that the franchise they opt for is the right one for them. The work that they do has never been more critical. The Frannexus team empowers people to make their own decisions by giving their clients as much information as possible. If the American Dream allows everyone to work hard and achieve their own success, Frannexus is a vital part of bringing that dream to life. Company: Frannexus Name: Seth Lederman Email: Web Address: