IT Awards 2022

10 | IT Awards 2022 the power to choose their own journey along their respective pathways. The driving force behind WeDrive’s success is the creativity and devotion of its team – they are the company’s greatest asset. Brand transparency, openness, and imagination are prioritised within the company’s internal culture. Communication, however, is the fundamental element behind the team’s collaborative success. It actively searches for feedback from those within the industry and its users in order to further streamline its internal processes, resulting in a product that consistently increases in quality. In a fast paced and ever-changing environment, this is an exceptional benefit. In addition, the nature of the market underpins WeDrive’s approach to business, which utilises cuttingedge smart apps that leverage cloud technology, algorithms, and the spirit of Web3 to bring instructors and learners new functionalities and data-driven training. Prior to the creation of the business, the industry had stagnated WeDrive’s applications, WeDrive Learner and WeDrive Instructor, are growing daily. Its rising popularity is pushing the platform forwards in its mission to become the leading driver training ‘smart platform’ in the UK. Having recently smashed the 7,000 new learners per month mark, with 3,000 driving instructors already registered - alongside its 35,000-strong social media community – it is abundantly clear that this goal is well within WeDrive’s grasp WeDrive is revolutionising the way people learn to drive. Indeed, the cloud-enabled web-and-app based platform has been designed to act as a complete driver training SaaS solution for the next generation of learner drivers and driving instructors alike. The revolutionary software – which is driven by a wealth of data – services all contemporary user needs for both the UK’s current 40,000 ADIs and the vast number of drivers entering the market for training each year. Moreover, it supports the company’s mission to establish the UK’s largest driver training smart platform that enables total transparency between the driver and learner from the first step of the driving journey. The company’s software, WeDrive Learner and WeDrive Instructor, is available in both app and web browser form. This maximises both accessibility and flexibility for all users as individuals: values which drive WeDrive’s desire to remain innovative. After all, innovation is key to two of the company’s fundamental goals: reducing instructors’ management and marketing time and outlay and, in turn, increasing their working efficiency and income significantly. As for learners, WeDrive strives to help them get licensed in an easier, faster, less costly, dataoriented way. Consequently, WeDrive has built both a B2B and B2C clientele, with many of its customers being the drivers of tomorrow. It endeavours to provide such clients with the confidence to take the plunge into the process of learning to drive, or, perhaps, encourage some of its customers to explore becoming an instructor. Through providing its users with a premium toolkit, encouragement, and empowerment, WeDrive makes this process exciting rather than daunting and stressful. It is, in essence, giving its clients Best Driver Training SaaS Platform 2022 Jun22280 technologically. Henceforth, WeDrive is unique both in its clientele and in its format - and is, quite simply, shaking up the industry. WeDrive’s success is apparent, with its vast social media presence – the company recently surpassed 35,000 followers across its social media channels. It has built a community, which is emphasised through the interactive social features and community spaces integrated into its apps, and WeDrive wants this to continue. By the end of 2022, the company wants to see this number double, with its overarching goal being to become the premier community for learners and instructors across the UK. To bolster this mission, WeDrive plans to expand on its use of exciting interactive initiatives for each platform, such as competitions with bigger prizes, to give something back to its growing community. Contact: Paul Doherty Email: Company: WeDrive Web Address: