IT Awards 2022

12 | IT Awards 2022 they do is vital for the success of SMEs around the world. No business can afford to be without a communications hub, and that’s precisely what the team at VoIPstudio offer. Their complete unified communications platform integrates with the world’s leading application providers, such as Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, Google and Hubspot, to serve every department in a business. Over the last few years, the team have focused on integration and collaboration in particular, adding new features like video conferencing and video calls to the existing live chat, group chat and screen and file sharing functionalities. The team have also released a new VoIP Integration Toolkit, including CTI Connectors, REST API and Webhooks. Professional communications need the flexibility of a modern organisation, but few manage to achieve it without the hassle and expense of owning and managing on-site PBX equipment. VoIPstudio has used cloud-based software to provide this flexibility to businesses large and small. Earning incredible success in SME News’ IT Awards 2022, we thought it time to dig a little deeper to find out more. Communications are key to any business, but SMEs that often don’t have the resources of larger organisations are known to lag behind the competition. Since opening its doors, the team at VoIPstudio have been committed to helping businesses of any size to have a high-quality, flexible, hassle-free and affordable communications service. Now more than ever, this approach is vital to developing operations in a highly dispersed business ecosystem where communications play a critical role in business survival and growth. The work of VoIPstudio has seen the team in demand internationally, serving more than 15 million minutes of daily talk time to more than 75 countries worldwide. With over 40 cloudbased PBX features in a simple, straightforward, all-inclusive platform, the team has been able to make it easy for companies to offer professional communications at very competitive prices. There are no contracts or hidden costs involved with how VoIPstudio operates, with every client having access to every feature from day one of use. This means that the team’s highly regarded virtual switchboard, virtual numbers, conference calling, call centre and call recording, to name but a few, can be quickly used by businesses. To keep pace with the modern marketplace, advanced communication tools like videoconferencing, screen sharing or integration with lots of CRM and other business tools are the norm for this stunning organisation. Because no two businesses are the same, the need for VoIPstudio to be adaptable is obvious. As such, there is a degree of technical support which is found here which might not be found with other organisations. The team’s work is personalised at all times to support clients as they configure their system to meet their individual needs. Teams are distributed in the USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Poland, among others to meet local requirements and to ensure that VoIPstudio remains a fully international and multicultural name to remember. The work that Best VoIP Phone Service 2022 Jun22360 Looking ahead, the future seems bright for this talented team. 2022 and 2023 are set to focus on new integrations with everyday business tools, like Microsoft Teams, and improvements that provide a better user experience, for example, a new Single Sign On feature. It’s clear that whilst VoIPstudio offers something that truly stands apart, and they’re continuing to aspire to even greater heights. We celebrate their tremendous achievement, the incredible value they offer to the SME community around the world and the way in which they are set to continue thriving for many years yet to come. Company: VoIPstudio Name: Renier Schrenk Email: Web Address: