IT Awards 2022

13 | IT Awards 2022 Asensus unlocks the most underutilised and undervalued data source available in every business – their sales team! Priding itself on achieving Salesforce Partner status in 2019 and being listed on the Saleforce AppExchange, Asensus addresses the communication gap which exists between the front line sales team and decision makers. Its flexible CRM integrated mobile and desktop application provides decision makers with a continually updated 360-degree SWOT analysis on their business. CEO of Asensus, Paul Smillie tells us, “We believe we have developed an innovative and niche platform which is addressing a decadesold issue on how sales teams contribute meeting notes to CRM and the lack of visibility sales leaders have on the quality of meetings taken place –this remains an issue for many businesses and we believe that with Asensus, there are numerous benefits that can realised.” The Problem All sales training ever given focuses around asking ‘open’ questions, understanding the client/prospect business, as well as collecting needs and pain points – This, if structured and aggregated correctly, is a highly valuable source of information for any business. Yet, sales teams’ only tool to record this information is a ‘white box’ in the CRM where they are requested to enter unstructured meeting notes. This data sits idle in the CRM and is never read or given the attention it deserves. This leads to numerous downstream issues: • A study found that 86% of enterprise CRM data is unstructured and cannot be accessed effectively, leading to key business decisions being taken on incomplete data. • 44% of respondents to a Validity Inc survey of 1,200 CRM users estimated that their business loses upwards of 10% in annual revenues due to poor quality CRM data. • Asking the sales team to enter meeting notes into CRM, which are often never read, leads to: - A disengaged commercial function; - Duplication of admin tasks leading to less time on value-add sales activities – An Asensus survey found that sales teams spend 20%-25% of the working week on admin; - Key data lost to the business which could have been used to enhance sales, marketing and product strategies The Solution Asensus offers a CRM integrated collaboration platform that provides a range of powerful features to its clients. First of all, it allows sales teams to efficiently complete their CRM admin on a single streamlined (client configured) workflow process. Users can enter short notes, create follow up tasks, tag colleagues, and update their pipeline among other tasks to reduce CRM admin by 30%. The platform also utilises NLP and ML models to tag product and competitor mentions as well as aggregate and draw insight from sales notes, allowing clients to see key emerging trends, strengths and weaknesses vs competitors, as well as indicators of future sales pipeline. This enables businesses to make key decisions based on reliable, timely and accurate data collected from the market. Asensus’ clients are seeing a competitive edge in the data they are able to collect and are gaining a clear view on what is happening in the market. Paul says, “We firmly believe that sales meeting data is a key missing piece in many business’ data strategy and this qualitative data will play a key role in gaining a deeper understanding on what is happening in the industry.” This sales data is then connected with teams and colleagues across the business, such as product, strategy, marketing, and senior sales leaders and management. Product managers can gain key insight on product feedback and ideas for future Jul22086 Sales Tech Innovation Award 2022 & Best New CRM Solution 2022 developments, and marketing teams can analyse content to develop future strategies and thought leadership content. The Future Towards the end of 2022, Asensus will be releasing its Future Pipeline Indicator functionality which it feels could be a gamechanger for the sales industry. It will utilise NLP and ML to predict how sales meetings taking place today will impact the sales pipeline in the next 3-6 months. This will provide sales leaders with an early key indicator on how the future pipeline will look and give time to address any issues that may exist. Paul comments, “We believe this will be a highly valuable piece of functionality, as currently there are very few indicators that exist on how future pipeline is being developed. Asensus will fill this gap and provide the necessary visibility to sales leaders.” Company: Asensus Contact: Paul Smillie Email: Website: Asensus is a CRM integrated sales collaboration platform which utilises Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to turn unstructured CRM data, such as sales meeting notes, into deal winning insights.