IT Awards 2022

14 | IT Awards 2022 Over the last eighteen months, demand has been such that the size of the team has doubled. In an open, accountable organisation where high performance is reviewed against key measures team work, innovation and creativity are all highly valued.. Success is founded on individuals with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, and team members who are naturally collaborative and who are able to communicate clearly; internally and externally. Looking ahead, it’s clear that a focus on what the market needs will allow the Wine Owners team to geow globally. Customers form a crucial part of the roadmap priorities, allowing Wine Owners to embed best practise whilst implementing fresh ideas that get road-tested by existing clients. Every sector has unique demands, but few so specific as the wine and spirits industry. The team at Wine Owners have made it their mission to create affordable business management software from the ground up exclusively for these businesses. Working around the world, they’ve achieved tremendous success in SME News’ IT Awards 2022. We dig a little deeper to uncork the scent of success. Wine Owners focuses on customer success above all else. Acting as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider, the team have driven business improvement and growth across the wine an spirits industry through the application of IT technology platforms. Since opening their doors, the team have focused on addressing all the different workflows, product statuses, inventory management, storage services, shipping and fulfilment demands that are required by businesses, and have achieved rapid adoption as a result. The team’s work serves a variety of activities, primarily wine merchants, retailers, importers and warehouses in the UK, Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East. Their fastest-growth product, the Wine Hub, is uniquely suited to the task of operating in this industry. Customers are attracted to the company by its ability to provide an industry specific business operating platform, underpinned with a referential products database and related content, overlaid with LWIN codes (the ISBN of the wine business). The process of enabling wine retail to expand sourcing strategies and broaden its reach i to find new potential customers s made exponentially simpler by the work of the Wine Hub; partly due to workflow management and partly due to true multichannel capabilities. Multiple sales channels can be accessed and used concurrently. It’s little wonder that the Wine Hub has been able to generate elevated levels of success. Put simply, those who adopt the Wine Hub, , find operational efficiencies, can reduce administrative overheads, and have seen revenue growth The aim for Wine Owners has always been to faciliate success on behalf of their customers. This ethos drives the Wine Owners organisation. Each business is treated uniquely, with training workshops to ensure that they get started and run as efficiently as possible from the very beginning. The support team has proven to provide exceptional response times. Through videos, ongoing communication and masterclasses, they ensure that companies can make the most of the service that is being offered. Best Wine Business Software 2022 Jun22744 New technology has not been at the forefront of the wine industry for many years, particularly use of digital channels. The work of Wine Owners has been to match the pace at which organisations have recognised the benefit. Their approach has ensured the fastest possible return on investment in many different situations. With developing SaaS platforms, integrations and a focus on delivering business improvements to market participants, Wine Owners is well placed for future success.. We cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: Wine Owners Name: Nick Martin Email: Web Address: